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Wireless Security Systems

What we do

Compound Security Systems are manufacturers and resellers of specialized security systems but are probably most well known for inventing The Mosquito device in 2006.

Wireless Security Systems - Professional

At CSS we design and manufacture in our UK based facility a professional range of battery powered wireless alarm systems. These wireless security systems are only available to trade customers as they require expert installation. Being battery powered and GPRS communicating, this range of products is suitable for the most hostile applications including vacant property security, farm security, construction site security & church roof security.

The entire CSS range of wireless security systems is SBD (Secured by Design) approved by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) and where appropriate meet all necessary NSI and SSAIB CoP’s for temporary battery powered wireless alarm systems and scaffolding security.

Wireless Alarm Systems – Consumer

We do not manufacture the consumer range of wireless security systems ourselves. Instead we select the best of such systems on the market manufactured by trustworthy and competent suppliers from around the world.

All of our consumer wireless alarms are suitable for DIY installation by the user. Some systems have a great deal of functionality and can be a little confusing to the uninitiated to program for the first time. In order to solve this problem, CSS offer ‘Programmed for me” packages that allow us to program the entire wireless alarm system before shipping it to you. All you have to do is mount the system components where you need them. This is all backed up with outstanding aftersales technical support free of charge.

You can rest assured that all of the 3rd party wireless alarms that we sell have been thoroughly tested and have met our stringent technical requirements. We will never sell any product that we are not confident will give 100% satisfaction.

The Mosquito Anti-Loitering device

The Mosquito device has brought peace and quiet to thousands of people around the world since it was launched in 2006. Every day we receive phone calls from people who have ‘had enough’. They have tried talking to the youths who plague them, they have called the police and spoken with neighbours. Nothing works!

All these people want is to enjoy the peace and quiet of their gardens and homes, prevent regular damage to their property or move rowdy groups of kids away from shop doorways so customers are comfortable walking in. Is it too much to ask?

Are you getting to the point where enough is ENOUGH!?

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