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About the Mosquito Alarm

Using high-frequency sound, the Mosquito alarm helps to reduce anti-social behaviour such as loitering, vandalism, graffiti and violence sometimes caused by youths under 25.

The deployment of Mosquito devices gives communities respite in cases of acute anti-social behaviour and youth nuisance. The devices are successfully being used in areas where there are large groups of young people making life a problem for residents and businesses. It is a reliable and tested product aimed at controlling problem areas and stopping anti-social behaviour escalating or getting out of control.

The Mosquito alarm works not by being loud and painful, but by being annoying to the point where youngsters disperse from any area being controlled by the Mosquito high-frequency sound. The device is usually effective within 20 minutes.

The MK4 Mosquito is equip with a multi-age function allowing the device to be set to 17 KHz to disperse groups of troublesome teenagers. The lower 8 KHz frequency setting should only be used if there are persistent problems with older groups of people but the device should not be used at the ‘all-age’ setting in residential areas.

Key specifications:

Teenage-only setting: 17 KHz sound (only under 25’s can hear)

All-age setting: 8 KHz sound (people of any age can hear)

4 volume / distance settings (maximum volume 103 dB)

30m maximum effective range (depending on ambient noise)

4 triggering options: manual, PIR sensor, remote control or timer

Audible beep on /off

Low voltage operation: 1-hour installation (competent DIY person required)

20-minute run time (continuous run time can be achieved by requesting a ‘continuous chip’ to be installed in the unit – all Mosquito units supplied with a timer will have a continuous chip installed automatically).


Mosquito Accessories


Mosquito Remote Control

Remote Control

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Mosquito Alarm Cage

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