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The Mozzy Anti-Loitering device

The Mozzy (Anti-Loitering Device)

Since 2006 The Mosquito has been the most effective method for dispersiong groups of anti-social teens in problem areas to reduce, noise, damage, litter and general annoyance by residential and business owners.

In some applications The Mosquito is too big and powerful and a quieter and a more descreet unit was required for small areas such as stairwells, lobbies and recessed doorways where youths tend to congregate.

The Mozzy is a slimmed down version of The Mosquito and works on the same principles, which are to be highly annoying to younger ears but not loud enough to cause any damage. The Mozzy, like The Mosquito also has an 'all-age' setting for those applications where older people are causing the issues, such a rough sleepers in subways and car parks. Additionally The Mozzy has greater volume control in order to create a volume that is just right for the space it is used in and a shorter range than The Mosquito of 2 - 5 meters.

The Mozzy has been primarily designed as a shop doorway alarm to deter teens from creating a gauntlet around shop doorways and as a stairwell alarm for rough sleeping prevention. Alternatively the Mozzy can be used in any sheltered location such as recessed shop doorways, where it is not directly exposed to weather, pointing directly at the ground.


12v power 

Selectable volume control 2 - 5 meters

Teen only & All age settings

PIR trigger input

Sync feature - Ensures that if multiple units are connected to one power supply, that they all run 'in phase'

Small & descreet

Includes international 12v DC power supply for use in UK, EU and USA

Technical Information


Voltage: 12v DC

Current: 40mA - Will run for 1,000 hours off a 40 amp car battery

Output for PIR: 12v DC 500mA Max.

Dimensions: Height 76mm x Width 70mm x Depth 40mm

Housing material: Delrin

Environment: Internal or covered use only


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Thank you for producing such a fantastic product!

Just a quick note to thank you for producing such a fantastic product! We installed 4 of your Mozzy devices (The smallest version of the Mosquito range)at a block of flats that we manage as…

Kim Norris
Charter House Property management Ltd

The Mozzy (Anti-Loitering Device)
+ £344.40 each