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Teenager repellent alarm to be installed

Written by Admin on Wednesday 22 March 2006

TEENAGERS who loiter outside shops are being scared out of earshot by a new yob deterrent device tested at a shopping precinct in Northampton.

The Mosquito, which was tested by police outside shops in the Parklands area before Christmas, works by emitting a high-pitched shriek which can only be heard by people under the age of 20.

And the device will now be installed in another secret location in Northampton to try to disperse gangs of children hanging about outside shops intimidating other shoppers.

Sgt Steve Bedford, who is responsible for bringing the Mosquito to Northampton, said: “We tried out the Mosquito in an area where groups of young people were gathering and causing a nuisance to local residents just by being there.

“We found that it certainly had an effect, dispersing the youngsters and reducing the number of calls about rowdy behaviour we received from local people.”

He added: “I understand from young people who can hear the noise that it is unbearable and they cannot hang around where they can hear it.

“Anti-social behaviour is one of the top concerns for people in Northampton and we are very interested in this device and its potential to move young people on from places where they congregate and cause a nuisance.”

The Mosquito, loaned to Northamptonshire Police by Compound Security Systems Ltd, is left in the control of shopkeepers who can switch on the device for short periods to disperse groups of intimidating youths.

The £600 device is the size of a security light and can be mounted on walls outside buildings.

It emits a high-frequency sound that is only audible to young people under the age of around 20, who have more acute hearing than older adults, making it uncomfortable to linger in the area for those who can hear it.

Author Melissa Lee
Publication Northants News
Date 22 March 2006

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