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Mosquito to bite back against yobs

Written by Admin on Friday 12 May 2006

Police in the Staffordshire Moorlands have been using their lates weapon in the fight against anti-social behaviour.

The Mosquito device - which emits a high-ptched whistle has been installed outside business premises at Werrington following successful deplotment of the device in Brown Edge and Endon.

The use of the Mosquito has resulted in a reduction in nuisance behaviour in the Moorlands and after buying one of the devices the police have bought three more.

The location at Werrington which is being kept secret has been chosen as a result of complaints from residents and businesses.

Inspector Mark Rigby, head of Cheadle Police, which includes Werrington, said: "It has had sme success, but not 100%.

"It's not a cure. It is a question of working with other agencies to try and tackle the problems of social behaviour."

He said it was also deploy the device in the Blythe Bridge area in the next few weeks after police received complaints about nuisance behaviour in the area.

The £622 Sonic Tennage Deterrent sends out a high pitched noise which can only be heard by those aged 12 to 22 years old.

Police in the Staffordshire Moorlands initially positioned a Mosquito box outside shops in Brown Edge and Endon as part of a three-week pilot.

They have since bought three more to use across the district.

Police say the device doesn't cause any pain to the hearer and has been vetted for health and safety implications.

Councillor Brian Whittaker, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council cabinet member for community saftey, said: "The device is a working deterrent and is helping reduce the fear of crime.

"But it is only being used as part of a wider programme to e-engage young people into constructive activities, which steer them away from being anti-social."

Author Roger Houldcroft
Publication The Sentinal
Date 12 May 2006
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