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High Frequency Shriek Scares Off Yobs

Written by Admin on Tuesday 09 May 2006

More West communities fed up with anti-social behaviour from teenage yobs are signing up to use a controversial crime prevention device. Councillors and police officers in Tewkesbury have shelled out for a Mosquito, which gives off a shriek at a frequency only teenagers can detect.

As the Western Daily Press reported last month, police in Swindon had tried Asbo dispersal orders and regular patrols around the town's Wyvern Theatre but had little joy in persuading youngsters to move on.

But since fitting one of the devices the problems have largely vanished, and theatre bosses are understood to be considering buying their own when the police move it to another location.

Now the device is proving a success in Tewkesbury. One town centre shop, which had been plagued by vandals, has been trouble-free since the £630 device was installed four weeks ago.

Tewkesbury Borough Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, funded the Mosquito.

The device, which is surrounded by a vandal-proof cage gives out an ultrasonic tone that can be heard by teenagers but not by people over 25.

People above that age lose the ability to hear at high frequencies. A second machine is expected to be set up in the town.

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Publication Western Dail Press
Date 09 May 2006

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