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Police use High-pitched ‘Mosquito’ alarms combat anti-social teens outside shop

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What’s that noise? Unusual tool banishes pesky would-be vandals

Whine, audible just to kids, may solve expensive problemRobert Barron, Daily NewsPublished: Tuesday, October 19, 2010Devices that emit highly irritating sounds that can only be heard by young people should be in place within weeks in two Nanaimo schools, in an effort to deal with the high costs of vandalism in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith school district. Read more

Mosquito inventor seeks new site to test antisocial behaviour deterrent

THE inventor of a device used to drive young yobs away from shops on Oxford's Blackbird Leys estate is now looking to test it in a second location. Howard Stapleton said there had been a "substantial reduction" in antisocial behaviour outside the Premier Supermarket, in Pegasus Road, since his Mosquito was turned on in August. The device emits a high pitched buzzing noise, making it uncomfortable for under-25s to stay near it for more than 10 minutes. Read more

Gallery Place Installs Anti-Loitering Device

The owners of the Gallery Place commercial strip have installed an anti-loitering noise device -- one to discourage any loiterers, not just teens. Gallery Place has further urged the D.C. Council to pass an anti-loitering ordinance, something the city currently lacks.Read the full article at Read more

Mosquito Noise Device at Gallery Place Aims to Annoy Potential Troublemakers

Gallery Place business owners met with District officials a few weeks ago to voice their concern that loitering teenagers who sometimes get into fights in one of the city's busiest retail and entertainment strips were costing them customers. The result of that session premiered this week: a device that emits a high-pitched, headache-inducing sound that only young ears can hear...Please visit the Washington Post to read the full article Read more

Mosquito Targets Teens With Audio Repellent

Local business owners have found a solution to the problem of loitering teenagers -- an audio repellent called The Mosquito. The device emits a high-pitched sound that drives teens crazy but can't be heard by most adults over 25. Inventor Howard Stapleton explains how it works.For the full transcript and interview, please visit the original article on Read more

Stop Treating Teenagers Like Insects

By Dan Malouff - Arlington County transportation planner who blogs independently at The Local Blog Network is a group of bloggers from around the D.C. region who have agreed to make regular contributions to All Opinions Are Local.Do teenagers have a right to be in the city? Are they entitled to use the Metro? Are movie theaters and ice cream parlors reasonable places for them to hang out? Read more

Did Someone Install a Teen Anti-Loitering Device at the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Stop?

We've spent the morning trying to figure that out. Read more

Anti-Loitering Device Making Lots of Noise For Teens

Teenagers who loiter at the Gallery Place Commercial Strip are being told to buzz off.A noisemaker called "The Mosquito" is now mounted on the wall near the escalator at the Metro stop. The anti-loitering device was invented in Wales a few years ago and it is now being used by cities around the world to combat vandalism and loitering..Visit myfoxdc to view the full original article Read more

Compound Security Pick up New Product Rejected by the Dragons on Dragons Den (aired 22.08.10)

Compound Security Systems, manufacturers of innovative security products such as the controversial MOSQUITO Teen Deterrent have picked up the Firefly Safety product 'BreakOut' which was rejected unfairly by the Dragons on Dragons Den on 22rd August 2010. Read more

Gadget deters troublemakers

TRYING to stop young people from going to school is not something you would normally expect of teachers. But staff at Wheatley Primary School and neighbouring John Watson special school have been doing just that. They have installed a high-pitched Mosquito device to discourage unruly youths from hanging around outside the school gates after dark. The controversial gadget emits a loud, high-frequency tone which is only audible to under-25s and forces them to move out of range. Read more

No Sting in Debate over Mosquito -

From Denis MacShane MP. Sir, The headline over your report (June 26) on the Council of Europe's short debate on "Mosquito" machines, which emit a noise that disperses rowdy teenagers, claimed that "Brussels" was to clamp down on these products. The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly meets in Strasbourg and has no law-making powers. The debate last Friday had five people speaking and nothing more will happen. Mosquitoes are safe. Read more

Calls to Ban Mosquito ‘Teen Repellent’ Device Ruled Out - BBC News

The UK government has rejected calls to ban a device that uses a high-pitched noise to disperse teenage gangs. Police minister Nick Herbert said it was up to councils dealing with anti-social behaviour to decide whether or not to use The Mosquitoâ„¢. But the position could be reconsidered if there was evidence young people's health was being damaged, he added. A report for the Council of Europe last week called for a ban, suggesting its use may breach human rights law. Mosquitos are generally only heard by people under the age of 25. Read more

Council of Europe Ban on Mosquito Device Not Binding

The Council of Europe this morning voted to ban the use and marketing of the Mosquito teen deterrent within Europe. 59 members voted in total out of the 489 current members. It MUST be noted that the Council of Europe have NO power to enforce a ban on ANY product within the European Union. That is a matter for the European Parliament to decide. It should be further noted that the European Parliament have already voted on this matter in 2008 with the result that only 8% of MEP's voted in favour of a ban on the device. Read more

The Mosquito Device - Council of Europe Take the Wrong Position

Mr Piotr WACH, the Polish member of the European Council will this week be calling for a ban on the use and marketing of the Mosquito device by the European Council PACE committee (Note; The Council of Europe have no power to create legislation and so CANNOT ban the device) stating that the Mosquito device infringes certain aspects of the 1998 Human Rights Act. Read more