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Couple who installed high-pitch ‘mosquito’ alarm to ward off racist teen vandals are now under inves

Scott Smith and his partner Andrea Riley suffered months of abuse from teenage vandals who damaged their cars and attacked their dogCouple installed a 'mosquito alarm' outside their Royton home in ManchesterIt emits a high pitched sound which only people aged under 25 can hear But a neighbour claims her son, 2, has suffered ear problems because of device Couple are now being investigated under noise nuisance laws by the council Read more

Sydney’s State Rail to trial high-pitched devices to get vandals to buzz off

Sydney's STATE Rail is set to trial high-pitched Mosquito devices to drive young people away from graffiti hot spots.The technology emits an irritating high-frequency buzzing noise only people aged 13 to 24 can hear and is used by police forces and councils around the world in areas where teenagers are known to cause trouble.It is understood State Rail plans to test the devices in known trouble spots for graffiti such as rail depots and subway tunnels, where vandals cause millions of dollars damage each year. Read more

Securing Wombledon Airfield

Securing Wombledon Airfield And only a battery powered wireless system will do!  How do you secure an airfield in rural Yorkshire when the buildings to be secured are up to a kilometer apart? Where some buildings have no power and only one has a telephone line?  Read more

Protecting Churches and Heritage Buildings from Theft & Vandalism

The crumbling economy in the UK has caused an increase in the theft of lead and other expensive materials from church roofs and other heritage buildings across the UK over the last few years. Read more

BT approve bespoke below-ground cable security system from Compound Security

PRODUCT REPORT FOR CSS CLIP JOINT ALARMSSupplier:Compound Security Systems Ltd10 Criccieth GroveMerthyr TydfilMid-GlamorganCF48 1JY Contact:Si Morris MSc, MCIM,Commercial DirectorCompound Security Systems Ltd. Email. Read more

Compound Security Systems develop below-ground security for BT

BT like many other utility companies are waging a daily battle against theft of copper. With 75 million miles of BT copper cable beneath our feet, this is a major problem. Not only does this mean hundreds of thousands of pounds per year in replacement cable and man hours, there is also the problem of service disruption for customers. Read more

Church Fights Metal Thieves With High Tech Solution

CHURCH FIGHTS METAL THIEVES WITH HIGH TECH SOLUTION A church in Sale is fighting back after being targeted by metal thieves intent on stealing lead from its roof by turning high-tech. St Anne’s in the diocese of Chester has installed a security system from Compound Security Systems that detects intruders and automatically alerts operators at an alarm receiving centre (ARC) that an attempted theft is under way.  Read more

CSS Ltd’s external security systems adopted by police control rooms and Bold Communications

Compound Security Systems Ltd., manufacturers of probably the most stable external security systems in the UK are pleased to announce the formal adoption of their security systems by Norfolk and Kings Lynn police.  Read more

Two new GSM/GPRS security systems launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new security devices this week to add to our growing range of GSM and GPRS security systems: Read more

Minnesota City invests in ‘screech machines’ to keep brats from hanging around their parks

Think you've got the laziest parenting story ever? Just wait. A city in Minnesota has so many parents ignoring their teenagers that they've invested in screech machines to keep the oversized brats from hanging around their parks, making out, drinking, and annoying the rest of us. Read more

Mayor says the Music Player from Compound Security has reduced crime by 40%

PORTLAND, Oregon. - Mayor Sam Adams says the city's pilot program that plays classical music at a MAX stop has reduced police calls by 40 percent.The city started the pilot program while the Oregon Legislature considers a bill to expand the project.Music has been playing at the 162nd Avenue and Burnside station. The idea is that the soothing sounds will reduce loitering and lower crime.The other idea is that the people who tend to be in trouble at MAX stops – those 18 to 25 – don’t particularly like classical music. So, they’re not really hanging around. Read more

CSS unveil GPRS Fuel-oil Tank Alarm at IFSEC 2011

Over the last 18 months or so, the instances of fuel-oil and deisel theft from domestic and commercial storage tanks has seen a dramatic increase as the economy worsens. As a result to requests by numerous UK police forces, CSS are pleased to announce the launch of our GPRS based Tank Alarm at IFSEC 2011. Read more

Compound Security launch Rural / Farm alarm system with 3km range

Theft from farms and other rural businesses has been on the increase over the last year, partly due to the state of the economy.Securing farm entrances, buildings and plant and equipment has always presented a significant problem due to the distances involved and lack of power and communications lines around the sites.Working in association with farmers and police, CSS have developed the RLAS (Rural Location Alarm System) specifically designed for use on farms and or large compounds. Read more

Compound Security Systems Ltd. announce launch of MOBEYE GSM smoke detector

Compound Security Systems Ltd. are pleased to announce our appointment as official UK importer of the NEW Mobeye GSM Smoke Detector.The Mobeye GSM smoke detector is the first standalone GSM smoke detector to market and although the unit needs nothing other than a SIM card, slave units are also available that can be cabled to the main unit, allowing whole buildings to be protected if required. Read more

Compound Security launch Church Roof Security System - RDAS/CHSS-1

Compound Security Systems Ltd. have launched the eagerly awaited RDAS/CHSS-1, the purpose designed wireless and fully ARC monitored security system for roofs of churches and heritage buildings where lead theft is a concern.Theft of lead from churches and larger heritage buildings has escalated over the last 12 months as the economy has worsened. Many security companies have been targeting churches with systems that have been cobbled together from numerous other systems, resulting in products that although looking the part, are not providing reliable and accurate security. Read more