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Water Leak / Level Alarms

GSM SMS messaging water leak and water level alarms are ideal for use in holiday homes and empty properties to warn you of flooding or burst pipes etc. They can also be used to monitor hydroponic systems and livestock water trough levels etc.

All the water leak alarms and water level alarms below are 100% wireless and require no cabling. They will run for around 12 months between battery changes and will send an SMS messge to advise you when the batteries are getting low.

When water is detected, or in the case of the water level alarm, the level moves outside the perameters you set, the systems will send SMS text alerts to the mobile numbers you set.

Mobeye CM2300 WaterGuard Leak Sensor Battery Powered GSM Alarm
Mobeye 2300 WaterGuard Float Sensor Battery Powered GSM Alarm