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Vacant Property Security Systems


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Vacant property security has become increasingly important over the last few years due to the increased levels of squatting and metal theft. If you have a void property security issue and require a high quality user-friendly security system, then we have a vacant property security alarm system to suit you.

Vacant property security alarm systems come in various shapes and sizes. We manufacture and supply a range of professional Police and SSAIB approved systems to suit every application from a single user with one property to corporate customers with hundreds of properties.

Before looking at our range of vacant property alarms below, you need to decide what you want your void property alarm to do for you, so consider the following –

RDAS+ meets and exceeds the SSAIB Enhanced TAS specification that major insurance companies are beginning to require security installers and users of this type of equipment to meet. In addition this system boasts 100% real time remote control from any internet connected device, full visual verification, automatic timer functions and management reporting features.

If you are looking to protect a single property, can respond to the alert yourself and do not need to meet a specific standard etc. then the Mobeye Argos is a versatile and reliable unit, with SMS alerts with voice call follow-up & listen-in feature. It should be noted, however, that this is a high quality DIY security device but does not meet any standards for commercial use.

Mobeye Argos Battery Powered Wireless GSM Alarm
RDAS+ Wireless Security Alarm System. SSAIB & NSI Compliant