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Temporary Security for Empty Let Property

Property that is let will go through periods of vacancy from time to time. Ensuring the property is secure during those vacant periods can be an issue. Copper pipes and boilers are a prime target for thieves and even though removing squatters is now much easier, the problem stills remains.

Having a permanently installed security system can be a pain when new tennants start using it, causing more problems than its worth sometimes. Even if there is a security system in place, the majority will only sound a siren and we know everybody ignores them. 

The solution is a rapidly deployable wireless alarm system for those occasions where the property is empty. The systems below are from European manufacturers with a reputation for quality and reliability. ALL can be deployed in a matter of minutes and can secure one area or multiple areas depending on your requirements.

All of these wireless alarms will send an SMS text message to multiple users when they are triggered and follow that up with a call to ensure you didn’t miss the text, so you and your client will know instantly if the worst happens. If the services have been shut off in the property, some of these wireless alarm systems are battery powered and will run for over a year before the batteries will need changing.

In short, these wireless alarm systems provide the ideal short term security solution for vacant premises and have been designed for use by ordinary people, no engineers required.

Mobeye Argos Battery Powered Wireless GSM Alarm
Mobeye i110 GSM Battery Powered Internal Stand-Alone GSM PIR