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Tekview GSM Power & Temperature alarms

Whilst not security products, the tekview range of GSM / SMS communicating monitoring devices are alarm systems. The Envirotxt monitors mains power supply and ambient room temperature and is widely used in the elderly care sector to ensure that elderly people are not too cold and have not been left in the dark by power cuts without the ability to call for help.

The Powertxt unit also monitors mains power and like the Envirotxt, sends alerts to several mobile phones should the power fail or be restored, however, Powertxt also allows users to control any device plugged in to the Powertxt unit simply by sending an SMS message to the unit, so if you need to turn on an appliance etc. whilst you are out, or even turn it off, a simply text message is all you need to send.

Powertxt Duo remote GSM ‘Out of Band’ Hard Power Reboot System
Powertxt remote GSM Out of Band power control
Envirotxt GSM Power Failure & Temperature Change Alarm System