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Storage Yard Security Systems

Storage yard security systems are often overlooked, with people opting for big padlocks, barbed wire and CCTV, but metal theft is such big business these days, thieves come prepared with wire cutters and heavy duty bolt cutters. As for CCTV, the prosecution rules on video evidence are so tight that only 3% of CCTV evidence can even be used in court. In addition, unless the CCTV is actively monitored 24/7, the best it will do is give you video of the event after it has happened.

Compound Security's wireless battery powered fully monitored storage yard security systems cannot be overcome with bolt cutters, wire cutters or even cutting the power lines to the building. What our storage yard security systems will do is alert you, your monitoring station or your mobile response provider that there are intruders on site as soon as they arrive. Using our RDAS+ system with its visually verified PIRs, you can even confirm to police via video to your smart phone that you can see intruders on site.

All of our storage yard security systems and stand-alone PIRs utilise market leading external PIRs from Optex. This ensures that false alarms due to inclement weather and small animals such as cats, dogs, foxes and birds are all but eliminated, resulting in a highly stable and reliable system.

Do I need a GSM or GPRS alarm system?

If you are unsure which security device best suits your needs, in the first instance please read our page on GSM and GPRS alarm systems. If this doesn't answer your questions please contact us on +44(0)1685 350418 or contact us online and we will be happy to discuss our products with you.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR