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Stand-Alone PIRs


Our stand-alone PIRs are widely used by UK police forces as they are ideal for quick installation and are extremely reliable. Incorporating two of the worlds best battery powered external dual-optic PIRs, the Optex VX402 and HX40, these stand-alone PIRs are immune to false activations by inclament weather and small animals such as cats, dogs, foxes and birds etc.

The stand-alone PIRs can be used anyhwere from roofs, to farms, construction sites and driveways. All systems are 100% battery powered and will run for a year between battery changes. GPRS versions are programmed and controlled via secure online Portal and can be control room or ARC monitored. GSM versions will send SMS text mesage alerts only.

All of these PIRs incorporate onbooard timer functions and will run up to 2 slave detectors from our range. Slaves can be PIRs smoke or flood detectors. All slave devices are RF communicating to the main unit which will send the alert signal via GSM or GPRS.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR
Mobeye Argos Battery Powered Wireless GSM Alarm
Mobeye i110 GSM Battery Powered Internal Stand-Alone GSM PIR
Mobeye i110 Battery Powered GSM Container Alarm
Mobeye Argos Battery Powered GSM Shipping Container Alarm