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Stable Alarms

When choosing stable alarms, the primary consideration should be the type of detectors that are available with the alarm system. Most security systems are supplied with 'internal' style PIR infra-red detectors, these are not appropriate for use outside or in drafty loose-boxes as they will false alarm constantly. 

The RDAS and VX systems below offer 'internal' and 'external' detectors which are highly stable with temperature compensation built in. The external detectors are also immune to small animals. The result is a highly stable and reliable stable alarm system.

An alternative to the traditional style of stable alarms is the GEA system. The GEA does not use infra-red PIR movement detectors, rather it uses sensors that you attach to doors, windows or valuable objects. When these objects are moved, the alarm is triggered. These sensors then protect individual items rather than an area like the RDAS and VX systems. The downside to the GEA stable alarms is that the control unit requires mains power, where the RDAS and VX systems are 100% battery powered.

All of the systems below are wireless and require no cabling.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR
Mobeye Argos Battery Powered Wireless GSM Alarm
Mobeye CM2400 Battery Powered Stand-Alone GSM Smoke Detector
Mobeye Thermoguard Battery Powered GSM Temperature Monitoring Alarm