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Scaffolding Security Alarm Systems

If you prefer to hire an alarm system including installation, monitoring and response service, please go to our sister company Compound Security Specialists

For years, scaffolding security has been a hodge podge of various equipment that was designed for other applications. Some worked OK and some didn't. Late 2013 saw the NSI publish the NCP 115 standard for the security systems used on scaffolding and the companies that install them. As a result of this, major insurers are now demanding that this code be met by security providers when securing scaffolding.

Our scaffolding security alarm system RDAS+meets and exceeds the NCP 115 standard. It is a wireless battery powered system that is highly flexible and easy to use in the awkward situations where scaffolding security is often required. With a wireless range of 1KM, on-board 12 month+ battery life, remote arm / disarm from anywhere in the world via an internet connected device in real time, Compound Security's scaffolding security alarm systems provide you and your client with the highest level of peace of mind.

With secure access to our web portal, you can view and download management reports and control the entire system with no need to go to site to change codes, deactivate detectors or to arm or disarm the system etc.

The RDAS+ scaffolding security system is fully ARC monitored (if you have your own control room, you can monitor the system yourselves) by one of the UK's largest accredited Alarm Receiving Centres, so if the system activates, you will be contacted by a real person.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR
RDAS+ For Scaffolding - NSI NCP 115 Scaffolding Security CoP compliannt