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Remote Utility Compound Security Systems

The Compound Security range of systems are ideal for securing remote compounds such as electrical substations, mobile ‘phone towers etc.

The range includes completely stand-alone GPRS communicating Dual Optic detectors such as the VX GPRS and HX GPRS for securing small sites without the need for panels or other additional equipment. These units can be fully ARC monitored, can be armed / disarmed locally or via timer function and will run well over a year on a set of batteries.

For larger or more complex sites, the RDAS+ system with full real time remote control, visually verified PIRs, up to 2km of area coverage and full ARC monitoring will provide the ultimate remote security solution

All detectors for external use are market leading Dual Optic PIRs that are immune to weather and small animals such as cats, dogs and birds etc., ensuring the lowest level of false activations possible.

All of our remote utility site alarm systems are provided with full Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring 24/7 via one of the largest national accredited monitoring centres in the UK. You can rest assured that in the event of an activation, you or your designated key-holders / response providers will be contacted in priority order by a real person.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR