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GSM Out of Band Hard Power Reboot Systems


All equipment ‘hangs/freezes’ at some point and in most cases the only way to get that equipment back up and running is to perform a ‘hard reboot’ which basically means switching the power to the device off and on again. It is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot. Some newer equipment can perform an internal soft reboot but in many cases this doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s only when the power is recycled that the equipment responds again. 

Sending an engineer to site just to reboot equipment can be very expensive and sometimes just not practical if that equipment is in a remote or secure location. The systems below can be deployed almost anywhere, all you need is a power supply and a network signal. As these systems only use SMS (text messages) to communicate they can be used in many areas where other mobile network solutions fail and of course areas where using an IP solution might not be cost effective or even available. This range of Hard Re-Boot systems can still communicate in areas with very poor or low network signal and we have tested it in metal lockers (ATMs/Data Centre Cabinets), basements and very remote areas with great results. 

Note: These are 'Out of Band' devices and are NOT IP addressable, they ONLY control power to the connected devices.

Powertxt Duo remote GSM ‘Out of Band’ Hard Power Reboot System
Powertxt remote GSM Out of Band power control