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Mobeye battery powered wireless alarms

The Mobeye battery powered wireless alarms from Holland are exceptional pieces of equipment. Mobeye wireless alarms are built to a high standard and in our experience, are highly reliable and easy to use.

Unlike other manufacturers, Mobeye produce battery powered wireless alarms not just for detecting movement and guarding against intruders, but also for monitoring temperatures, mains power supply, water leaks / levels and smoke. This means that the applications for the range are extensive. Being 100% battery powered, these systems can be used just about anywhere.

Each Mobeye wireless alarm will notify users by SMS text message followed by a call to ensure that you do not miss the text notification.

The motion detection units like the Mobeye i110 GSM PIR and Mobeye ARGOS GSM PIR have built-in keypads to allow them to be programmed easily and used to arm and disarm the devices on a regular basis. The Mobeye power failure alarms, water monitoring and temperature monitoring alarms etc., are programmed by SMS text message, however, although this is simple to do, we offer a 'Programmed for you" package for users that would prefer us to configure the devices prior to shipping.

SIM card

All Mobeye GSM devices are supplied with a secure roaming Pay As You Go SIM card with £10 initial credit & £2.00 emergency credit.

Free pre-shipping programming offer worth £18.00

 As far as electronic security and monitoring equipment goes, the entire Mobeye range uses a stable and easy to follow programing system, however, like all things, it's always easier when you have done it a few times, so we will program your Mobeye device for you FREE prior to shipping. Please click on the 'Program for me' link in your order confirmation email to provide us with the programming details. Of course if you want to program the units yourself, you are welcome to.

The Mobeye range video

Mobeye Guard Alarm Range Introduction

Mobeye GSM Thermoguard CML2255 Twinlog Temperature Alarm
Mobeye GSM Thermoguard CML2275 Twinlog Temperature Alarm
Mobeye GSM Thermoguard CML2285 Twinlog Temperature Alarm
Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR
Mobeye Argos Battery Powered Wireless GSM Alarm
Mobeye i110 GSM Battery Powered Internal Stand-Alone GSM PIR
Mobeye CM2400 Battery Powered Stand-Alone GSM Smoke Detector
Mobeye CM2300 WaterGuard Leak Sensor Battery Powered GSM Alarm
Mobeye 2300 WaterGuard Float Sensor Battery Powered GSM Alarm
Mobeye Thermoguard Battery Powered GSM Temperature Monitoring Alarm
Mobeye CM 2100 GSM Power Failure Alarm
Mobeye CM2000 Guard Alarm
Mobeye i110 Battery Powered GSM Container Alarm
Mobeye Argos Battery Powered GSM Shipping Container Alarm