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Inferno Sonic Deterrent Systems


Looking for an alarm siren that not only will not be ignored, but will stop thieves dead in their tracks?


CCTV and regular security systems discourage – to some degree – the would-be burglar or attacker, but lets be honest here, nobody takes any notice of alarm sirens these days, because they are always going off. Those that make their living on the wrong side of the law know full well that only 3% of CCTV footage leads to a conviction, so they are not frightened of that either.


Alarm systems and CCTV also do not actually prevent someone from gaining access to a premises or vehicle, they are passive devices only designed to alert someone or provide an image after the fact. This is where Inferno changes the game!


Sound Barrier is one way to describe the Inferno alarm siren, another would be to say that it is like being hit in the face with a sledge hammer!


Few people have ever experienced 128 decibels of sound aimed directly at them at short range, so for most people reading this, it will be impossible for you to imagine what it feels like. It is likely to be the loudest thing you have ever heard and physically debilitating as well. Perpetrators suddenly exposed to this level of sound will in most cases run away immediately. If not immediately, they will be unable to remain in the location without having to cover their ears with their hands, preventing them from doing anything else. There are other high power sirens on the market, but these are designed as warning devices. They are loud, some even as loud as the Inferno, but they only generate a single tone, which even when standing next to them, is bearable. The Inferno range differs dramatically. The units emit a complex range of tones that is uniquely and completely dibilitating. If you can find a siren with a more dibilitating sound thatn the Innferno range, we will refund your purchase!


Like the Mosquito Teenage Anti-Loitering device (also available on our website) which was designed to disperse groups of badly behaving teens, the Inferno alarm siren is an ACTIVE security device, designed specifically to stop an action and remove the problem!


There are three variations of Inferno


Intenso – Battery powered with mains trickle charge


Intenso Mobile – Battery powered with 12v or mains trickle charge


Intenso Wireless – Battery powered with mains trickle charge and wireless control


Example  Applications


Enhancing any building security system with multiple units deployed to cover large areas or individual rooms.


In Shops as a very powerful Anti-Bandit device installed above the counter and activated via PA button. Hit the button and watch them run.


Anti Car Jacking with a unit installed and operated by remote wireless, on activation it would be close to impossible to remain in the vehicle.


Van and container security installed to activate when a PIR is triggered no one is going to hang around long enough to steel anything.


There are even units in use protecting Russian nuclear weapons!


The Inferno Anti-Bandit Sounder demonstration

Inferno Alarm in CBS blockbuster series The Fortress Season 2 Episode 2

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