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Our range of professional quality home security systems are also suitable for small industrial units and offices

Our range of home security systems provide professional quality equipment that is designed to be so simple to install and use that they do not require an alarm engineer to fit them.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few resellers who actually understand security properly, as we are security engineers and designers ourselves. When you buy a home security system from us, we will discuss your specific application in detail to ensure you are getting the right system for your needs.

We understand how the systems work in detail (we are not just box sellers) and we will provide you with a lifetime of aftersales support and we even offer a configuration package where we will program the whole system before shipping it to you. This means all you have to do is fix the home alarm systems components in place.

If security is not something you have thought much about until now, you may benefit from reading our Home Security guide before comparing the home alarm systems below

Mobeye CM2000 Guard Alarm