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Farm security systems

Your farm and its contents are highly susceptible to theft, whether it’s equipment, plant, fuel or livestock, there is someone out there who wants to steal it.

With our range of industry and police approved Farm Security Alarm Systems, you can protect all areas of your farm and be notified instantly if there is an intruder. You can even monitor water levels in water troughs around the farm to ensure livestock have plenty to drink at all times as well as temperatures in livestock sheds and power failures etc.

Our Farm alarm range caters for all sizes and shapes of farm, so there is a farm security system just right for you.

First of all, you need to decide if you need a GSM or a GPRS based system. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated, see our layman’s GSM or GPRS guide to make an informed decision before proceeding further. GPRS systems are fully monitored by an accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

If you are only interested in protecting one or two entrance routes, or a small area where you store valuable assets, the VX GSM or VX GPRS or HX GPRS farm security alarm systems may be the best option. These stand-alone devices require no base stations or control panels and can be used in any location.

If you want to protect multiple areas spread out over a maximum of 2 km, then the RDAS+ system has market leading coverage. The RDAS+ farm alarm security system also offers a great deal of additional functionality including real time remote control including arm / disarm functionality from anywhere in the world, visually verified detectors, timer functions and more.

All of our farm security alarm systems use Dual Optic External detectors that are immune to false activations by weather and animals such as dogs, cats, foxes, birds etc.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR
Mobeye CM2300 WaterGuard Leak Sensor Battery Powered GSM Alarm
Mobeye 2300 WaterGuard Float Sensor Battery Powered GSM Alarm
Mobeye Thermoguard Battery Powered GSM Temperature Monitoring Alarm
Mobeye CM 2100 GSM Power Failure Alarm