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Emergency alarm systems - Communication

As mentioned previously, all these types of emergency alarm systems communicate via the mobile network either with GSM (SMS + Voice network) or GPRS (Data network). These devices will send a text message alert to anywhere between 2 and 10 mobile numbers when activated.  Some systems (mainly the internally rated systems) will follow up the text message with a pre-recorded ‘voice’ call. These are great because sometimes text messages are missed, especially in the middle of the night, however, if you are using a control room, that is not such an issue.

Other systems, generally those based on GPRS communications send emails and can be monitored by ARCs and independent control rooms where a real person will call your list of keyholders. Many of these do not require anything more than a stable internet connection to monitor them.

For further information on GSM & GPRS communications, and an overview of how these can be monitored please see our GSM / GPRS guide

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