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Can you advise your clients properly when it comes to Emergency Security Solutions?

Here is what you need to know!

There is always someone waiting to take advantage of someone-else’ misfortune.  Leaving a property, whether it is residential or commercial unoccupied for any length of time is asking for trouble. These situations occur due to many an unexpected event, such as the 2014 storms where thousands of homes and businesses were flooded and during extended power cuts, following fires etc.

In some cases, such premises may have a security system installed and that’s great, but what if there isn’t a security system in place and you need security right away and there is no time to schedule in an engineer to install a cabled system. Or what if there is no power due to power lines being down or the electricity is off due to flooding etc.?

In these circumstances, you need an emergency security system or a rapid deployment alarm system as they are commonly known in the trade. These are essentially battery powered SMS communicating security devices that can be rapidly deployed in emergency situations. These systems do not necessarily require an engineer to fit them as they are much simpler than traditional systems. This is because emergency security systems do not require cabled installation to a specific standard.

Most emergency security systems on the market can be programmed very simply and installed very quickly, as the equipment does not have to be permanently fixed to the structure of the building, so installation literally takes only minutes.

Some systems will alert you and up to 9 other people by SMS text message when someone enters the property and some can be monitored by national Alarm Receiving Centers, although the latter are quite specialized pieces of equipment and should be installed by someone with previous experience or training on such equipment.

If you find yourself in a position where you need an emergency security system for a client, the following pages highlight things you may wish to consider before buying one or advising your clients:

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