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Insurance – Are emergency alarm systems insurance approved?

The short answer is NO. None of these types of systems are. Essentially if the security system is wireless and battery powered, insurance companies will not approve them as there is no standard for these devices like there is for traditional security systems. That said, there is an exception to that statement.

In 2013 the SSAIB, the organisation in charge of certificating security equipment published a new standard for such emergency security systems called: Temporary alarms used to protect vacant properties. The SSAIB standard has been adopted by many leading insurers.

At the time of writing this, there is only one emergency alarm system available to ‘buy’ that meets the ‘enhanced’ SSAIB standard, the RDAS+ from Compound Security Systems. Although this is battery powered, wireless, bi-directional system with real time remote arm/disarm and visual verification, it would be over the top for an emergency application in most but not all cases. This system is generally used for vacant property, construction sites, farms etc. where the system is likely to be required for months at a time.

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