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Driveway Alarms

Most people look for a driveway alarm to monitor people coming in to a property, but if you have kids, a driveway alarm will inform you when people leave the property as well. If you live on a busy road and have young children, this can be a life saving investment as all such devices will alert you to people moving through the entrance in both directions.

Things to consider before purchasing a driveway alarm -

Wired or Wireless
Single or Dual Optic PIRs
Magnetometer or not

Driveway alarms are RF (radio Frequency) based and signal a plug-in mains powered siren unit placed inside your house. Up to 15 additional wireless detectors can be connected to this system. If you require a driveway alarm to send you an SMS text message upon activation, then we suggest a Stand-Alone VX GSM. While not sold specifically as a driveway alarm, this unit which is designed to be used in much harsher environments such as construction sites, farms, etc., is more than up to the job. The VX GSM requires users to supply their own SIM card on any network they wish and can alert up to 10 mobile numbers upon activation.

Mobeye CMVXi-R Battery Powered Stand-Alone EXTERNAL GSM PIR