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Door entry systems used to be something used only by businesses for their offices etc. and involved cabling throughout the building and a power supply. Now with the development of Wi-fi, Blue tooth and other communication technology as well as advances in low power battery operated electronics, the convenience of wireless door entry systems is available to domestic users also. Imagine never having to use a front door key ever again. Now your smartphone unlocks your door when you arrive home. 

Imagine....No more keys!

Allow any number of friends to enter your property when you are out or away

Being able to control the heating, lights and many other wirelessly connected devices as part of your home automation system

Being able to see video of who is at your door. Speak to them in real time no matter where you are in the world.

See who is calling on elderly relatives and decide if they should be allowed in

Record and store video and images of callers.

All you need is a smartphone and one of the high quality fully tested door entry systems that we supply and fully support for the lifetime of the product

DanaLock 125 Wireless Smart Lock With  Z-Wave + Bluetooth
DanaLock 125 Wireless Smart Lock With Zigbee + Bluetooth
DanaLock 125 Wireless Smart Lock With Bluetooth