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Compound Security Systems 

Most of the security equipment we manufacture in house is for professional trade use only, however, we do produce a few products suitable for DIY install in addition to the 3rd party products we represent in the UK. Such products include high quality drieway alarms and fuel tank alarms, both of which are the only such devices that have been ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) approved. Most notably, however, is that we invented and manufacture The Mosquito Teen Anti-Loitering device.

The Mozzy (Anti-Loitering Device)
Mosquito MK4 (Anti-Loitering device) Customise your own kit
Mosquito Kit 1 - MK4 + PSU EU (Anti-Loitering device)
Mosquito Kit 2 - MK4 + Cage + PSU EU (Anti-Loitering device)
RaiderVision For Vacant Property & Scaffolding - SSAIB SS2004 / SS2006 + NSI NCP115 compliant
Mosquito Kit 2 - MK4 + Cage + PSU UK (Anti-Loitering device)
Mosquito Kit 1 - MK4 + PSU UK (Anti-Loitering device)