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Minimum insurance requirements, standards & tips

Caravan security equipment most insurers require in order to provide cover as a minimum.

As a minimum, a wheel-clamp and a hitch-lock are required by just about all insurers. As mentioned above, most will require a specific brand and model, but if they don’t, purchase the one with the highest Sold Secure rating and refer to our wheel-lock and hitch-lock device guide


Physical caravan security products.

There are a lot of so-called caravan security products on the market, but you would be foolish if you considered security device that is not Sold Secure accredited. Sold Secure products have been tested to international standards and are fit for the job.

Having said that, your insurance provider may specify a particular make and model of wheel clamp, hitch lock etc., so check with them before buying anything.

Electronic security systems.

There are no international standards for battery powered wired / wireless caravan security systems as yet. This does not mean that electronic battery powered security systems are no good. Quite the reverse is true actually. Most church roofs, farms, construction sites, vacant properties etc. etc. are secured with battery powered security systems.

When looking for a battery powered security system we recommend looking for systems displaying the ‘Secured by Design’ official police logo. These have been rigorously tested by the UK police force and SbD products are the only products police can recommend. Unfortunately there are not many of those around, but systems from Mobeye and Vibsolas are high quality, very reliable and are made in Europe.

Please note: None of the DIY style security systems available on the market are suitable for ‘police response’. For police response, you must be able to confirm – either by being there, or by visual verification – that there is an intruder on site or have a professionally installed security system meeting BS8243:2010


When storing your caravan at home or anywhere else, park it with the hitch against a wall. This makes stealing the van harder as thieves will have to spend time manually moving the van before it can be hitched to a vehicle.

If your van is not going to be used for a while, remove the cushions etc. and leave the curtains open. A caravan with missing interior furnishings will be harder for them to resell.

When you are using the caravan, if you need to leave items inside the awning, ensure you have a security device (preferably connected to the awning zip, to prevent opportunistic thieves getting an easy target.

It is worth mentioning, that if you make a claim on your insurance for theft from your caravan, the insurers may well decline your claim, if you cannot demonstrate that forcible entry was made. In other words, if it was too easy for them to get in, it is your fault and you may not get paid.

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