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Construction site security systems

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Construction sites are a pain to secure effectively. If you are involved in this sector, you know that historically your choices are manned guards which are very expensive and of questionable effectiveness or traditional electronic security systems which present their own problems in terms of constantly having to have engineers to site to reposition sensors and or cameras as the project progresses and high levels of false activations

Our Construction site security alarm systems provide a highly reliable and totally flexible solution to these problems.

Our RDAS+ construction site security system is designed for fluid situations and with just a few hours free onsite training, can be installed, moved and removed by competent site staff without the need for an engineer to attend, when ever the site configuration changes.

The RDAS+ security system allows complete remote control from anywhere in the world, including remote arm / disarm in real time, full Visual Verification, guard-tour facility and timer functions, something that is ideal for busy sites. Of course you can arm and disarm it locally too.

In addition to the flexibility of the systems, the key point is that we only use high quality, high stability dual optic detectors for construction site security applications to ensure that wildlife and weather do not create false activations that cost you time and money to deal with.

All of our construction site alarm systems are provided with full Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring 24/7 via one of the largest national accredited monitoring centres in the UK. You can rest assured that in the event of an activation, you or your designated key-holders / response providers will be contacted in priority order by a real person.

RDAS+ Wireless Security Alarm System. SSAIB & NSI Compliant