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Construction site security systems


There are several methods of securing a construction site, some being more effective than others and with vastly different cost implications. The most common options are


Static guards

Cabled CCTV installations

Wireless CCTV installations

Mobile CCTV towers


Static guards present a significant cost implication for any project and the efficacy of these services vary greatly depending on the individual guard clients end up with.


Cabled CCTV installations while more cost effective than static guards present their own issues. Cables are commonly broken due to heavy plant moving around site and this results in regular and costly engineer visits to repair them. Additionally, such systems are time consuming and expensive to reconfigure as the site layout evolves.


Wireless CCTV systems are a bit of a misnomer, as they are not entirely wireless and like the cabled systems, require a stable power source on site.


CCTV towers have become a popular choice over the last few years, combining HD cameras with long range illumination, live video streaming, number plate recognition add-ons, weather stations etc. etc., however, whilst these systems can be cost effective on wide open sites, their efficacy on cluttered sites drops significantly due to limited viewing angles, which results in the need for multiple towers. At prices ranging from £300 - £500 per week per tower, this can easily approach static guarding cost levels.


Here at CSS  we provide a completely new alternative to site security, the RaiderVision ARMORED construction site security system. RaiderVision is a combination of market leading detection technology combined with IR illumination and video capture and transmission, all built in to a single unit which is armored to withstand the hazards of construction sites.


RaiderVision is 100% cable free, running on internal batteries for a year, communicating continuously via the 2G and 3G networks to our servers, allowing instant video confirmation of alarm activations and real time remote control from any internet connected device.


Being completely cable free, RaiderVision cameras can quickly and easily be redeployed as clients sites evolve in order to maintain maximum detection efficacy. This can be completed either by our engineers attending site, or by client staff in conjunction with CSS remote operators.


For the cost of the average CCTV tower, RaiderVision can provide 15 – 20 individual cameras that can be placed around client sites over an area of up to 2 Km.

RDAS+ Wireless Security Alarm System. SSAIB & NSI Compliant