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Mobeye GSM smoke detector for remote property

Mobeye CM2400 Battery Powered Stand-Alone GSM Smoke Detector

The Mobeye Mobile GSM Smoke detector can detect smoke anywhere without additional cables or telephone lines. With the smart Mobeye low-power GSM technology the smoke detector is tested to the highest requirements. The Mobile Smoke detector is entirely self-supporting with a built-in GSM module. The energy economical design makes the smoke detector run for a year on one set of batteries.  
The sensor warns for smoke with a local siren and with a GSM report to the desired telephone numbers.

The device is in two parts as can be seen from the picture. For applications where more than one detector is required in a building, additional detector modules can be cabled into the one GSM control unit so that only one GSM module and SIM card are required to protect an entire building.

INCLUDES SECURITY ROAMING SIM card with 40 free message credits + Optional connection to Mobeye online control portal


  • Smoke detection reports by SMS and/or call to up to 5 numbers
  • Repeat reports after a self-chosen period
  • Test reports on chosen frequencies
  • Battery low reports
  • Supplied with Security SIM and 20 free message credits
  • Optinal connection to online control portal for 4 Euros per month

The reports can go directly to selected telephone numbers.


  • Dimensions: 90*145*45 mm
  • Battery life >l year (4*CR123) at 1 (test)report per day
  • Environment temperature: -10 C - + 55 C
  • Tri band EGSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 Mhz
  • Programming: via SMS

 Examples of applications

  • Buildings and storage locations
  • Server rooms
  • Holiday houses, campers, caravans and boats
  • etc.

The Mobeye Mobile GSM Smoke detector notifies you of fire anywhere!






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External Downloads

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye online control portal datasheet

Mobeye online control portal datasheet