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Container version of Mobeye i110 GSM PIR includes external mushroom antenna

Mobeye i110 Battery Powered GSM Container Alarm

Using electronic security inside metal shipping containers has always been difficult, as the metal container is essentially a ‘faraday cage’, making it impossible to transmit a signal through. Many people resort to just ensuring the doors are secured with a good quality padlock, however, many thieves are prepared for this and simply cut in to the side of the containers, rendering the locks useless.

The Mobeye shipping container security system is the latest development in rapid yet simple internal security for shipping / cargo containers. On-board GSM sends alerts and voice calls up to 2 mobile numbers INSTANTLY!

Based on the extremely popular Mobeye i110 GSM PIR, the Container Alarm variant is supplied with an external antenna iinput connector and a mushroom (flat) antenna which is passed through a small hole in the top of the container and fixes flush to the top of the roof, making it all but invisible.

INCLUDES SECURITY ROAMING SIM card with 40 free message credits + Optional connection to Mobeye online control portal

Key Features Include

Alerts via SMS and call to up to mobile numbers

1 year + battery life

360 degree detection pattern. Mount on wall, floor, ceiling, anywhere

Inbuilt tactile keypad. 

Inbuilt siren

Supplied with Security SIM card with 40 free message credits

Optional online control portal access at 5 Euros per month

Typical Applications Include

Shipping containers used for storage or workshops


Mobeye i110 GSM PIR Overview Video

This video is about Mobeye i110 INTRO 10092014 - FINAL

Mobeye i110 GSM PIR Overview Video

Mobeye i110 All-in-one GSM alarm system

Mobeye i110 makes security easy and safeThe Mobeye i110 alarm system guards your possessions wherever you are.You can simply place the mobeye in the area that needs protection, and activate it with your user code. Never before security was so eas

Mobeye i110 All-in-one GSM alarm system

Mobeye i110 GSM PIR basic set up video

8 steps to setting up the basic functions of the Mobeye i110 GSM PIR wireless alarm

Mobeye i110 GSM PIR basic set up video


Mobeye Container Antenna
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  • Mobeye mushroom antenna 2.5 meters
  • From £40.80
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Mobeye i110 GSM PIR Alarm (Container variant)

The Mobeye shipping container security system is a completely stand-alone unit requiring no power or communication cables. Simply affix to the wall or floor within the unit, drill a small hole in the container roof for the mushroom antenna cable which lies flat on the roof, enter your code and it is armed. The 360 degree sensor will cover the entire area in which the unit is located. The Mobeye shipping container alarms are suitable for containers in transit or those being used as workshops and storage units. Whatever you use your container for, the Mobeye container alarm will keep it safe and secure.

In addition to the security functions, the Mobeye container security system will also monitor temperature changes and warn you by text and voice call when your selected temperature range is reached.

The Mobeye is Dutch made and is of a high standard of manufacture and is extremely reliable. Users must supply their own pay as you go, monthly or yearly contract SIM card. SIM cards can be on any network.

Please note: We offer a 'Programmed for me' package for this product. This means that all your information and contact numbers are programmed in by us BEFORE it is shipped to you. All you have to do is arm it! Please see the 'Accessories' tab above


  • Mobeye i110 container alarm can be deployed in less than 5 minutes.
  • 360 degree detection field. Can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted.
  • 10 meter detection range
  • Very simple to program
  • Use it anywhere
  • No cabling


  • Adjustable personal code
  • Alarm SMS text message to (max. 5) mobile numbers
  • Adjustable min. and max. temperature alerts
  • External mushroom antenna with 250cm cable
  • Option for silent or loud entry delay
  • Option for silent or audible alarm
  • Adjustable time entry delay
  • Programmable notification text for SMS messages
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Test messages with an adjustable interval
  • ‘Battery low voltage’ SMS alert
  • Sensor test to determine the best position for the Mobeye®
  • Test function to measure the GSM signal strength
  • 1+ year battery life
  • Programmed via keypad on unit
  • Review the settings by SMS

Additional applications

Garden sheds



Tents when camping



Holiday homes


Technical specifications

Dimensions 90 * 161 * 35 (mm)

Power supply 4* lithium 3 V battery

Battery life time > 1 year

Power < 50 micro A

Detection range ca. 10 meter

Temperature range -10 until 50 degrees Celsius

External Downloads

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye online control portal datasheet

Mobeye online control portal datasheet