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RDAS+ wireless security system exceeds SSAIB CoP for temporary alarms used to secure vacant / void property

RDAS+ Wireless Security Alarm System. SSAIB & NSI Compliant


The RaiderVision construction site security system is available on a hire basis only.


Security and guarding companies can hire on an equipment & monitoring basis only for re hiring to clients and end users can hire the equipment on a full service basis to include installation, maintenance, NSI Gold monitoring, SIA certified alarm response with police response included depending on criteria.


RaiderVision key features


Full visual verification of alarm events


Real time continuous bi-directional communication


Full remote control & configuration in real time


300 milli-second camera and illumination power-up from trigger


20 meter IR illumination


Guard tour video request function


Full auto-timer feature


Connect up to 64 devices



Main benefits


  • Fully ARMORED system components designed for harsh environments.
  • Fast installation
  • Trap protection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Gate protection
  • Visually verified alarm events
  • Immune to bad weather and wildlife
  • No power or telephone lines required
  • Easy reconfiguration as projects evolve
  • NSI Gold standard monitoring of alarm events (double redundancy)
  • CSS In-house monitoring of alarm events
  • 24/7 in-house fault monitoring
  • SSAIB accredited installation
  • Secured by Design approved equipment
  • SIA accredited rapid response to alarm activations
  • Police Response
  • SSAIB & NSI compliant
  • Daily billing
  • No false alarm call-out charges
  • Competitive pricing


RDAS+ wireless security system keypad
  • RDAS+ wireless security system keypad
  • The wireless keypad for RDAS+ wireless security systems also doubles as the engineer walk test unit.
  • From £409.20
RDAS+ VX402 RF Dual Optic PIR with RaiderVision
  • RDAS+ VX402 RF Dual Optic PIR with RaiderVision
  • Use with RDAS+ wireless security system only. Low level mounting 1 - 1.2 meters
  • From £598.80
RDAS+ VXi RF External Dual Optic PIR
  • RDAS+ VXi RF External Dual Optic PIR
  • Low level mounting 1 - 1.2m.
  • From £242.40
RDAS+ HX40 RF External Dual Optic PIR
  • RDAS+ HX40 RF External Dual Optic PIR
  • For use with RDAS+ wireless security system only
  • From £260.40
RDAS+ EX35 RF Internal PIR
  • RDAS+ EX35 RF Internal PIR
  • Use with RDAS+ wireless security system only
  • From £141.60
RDAS+ FIT Dual Optic External PIR
  • RDAS+ FIT Dual Optic External PIR
  • Ideal for awkward locations. Detection head has 180 degree swivel. Low level mounting 1 - 1.2 meters.
  • From £220.80
RDAS+ BX80 RF Bi-directional external dual optic PIR
  • RDAS+ BX80 RF Bi-directional external dual optic PIR
  • Perimeter or window row protection. 180 degree opposed detection pattern total 24 meters
  • From £243.60
RDAS+ Smoke Detector RF
  • RDAS+ Smoke Detector RF
  • Use with RDAS+ wireless security system only
  • From £141.60
RDAS+ BUG orientation detector
  • RDAS+ BUG orientation detector
  • The RDAS+ BUG can be placed in hard to reach places of plant and equipment and is essentially a motion / orientation detector
  • From £140.40
RDAS+ Control System Battery Pack
  • RDAS+ Control System Battery Pack
  • Alkaline battery pack for RDAS+ wireless security systems. 12 months operation
  • From £31.20
RDAS+ Flood Sensor / Water level monitor
  • RDAS+ Flood Sensor / Water level monitor
  • For use with RDAS+ wireless security system only
  • From £114.00
RDAS+ iButton Key
  • RDAS+ iButton Key
  • The RDAS+ can be armed / disarmed via the keypad using a PIN code, or alternatively by using an iButton
  • From £6.00
RDAS+ Replacement control system case
  • RDAS+ Replacement control system case
  • Replacement carry case for RDAS+ wireless battery powered security control system
  • From £58.80
RDAS+ RF Device Battery 3.6v 1/2 AA
  • RDAS+ RF Device Battery 3.6v 1/2 AA
  • Replacement batteries for all RDAS+ wireless security system RF connected devices
  • From £6.00
RDAS+ RF Magnetic Contact
  • RDAS+ RF Magnetic Contact
  • The RF magnetic contact is for use on windows and doors. For use with RDAS+ wireless security system only
  • From £114.00

RaiderVision Wireless Security Alarm System. SSAIB & NSI Compliant

RAIDERVISION Fully Monitored Wireless Battery Powered Security System

The RAIDERVISION construction site security system from Compound Security Systems is the latest step in  battery powered, network communicating, radio linked temporary alarm systems.

24/7 GPRS Connection to secure remote server.

Unlike other wireless, battery powered security systems on the market, the RAIDERVISION system provides users with the ability to remotely arm and disarm the system in real time. This is especially useful if there are contractors etc. that irregularly require access to the property but to whom you do not want to issue codes or iButtons. This is done via logging in to our secure web portal with a unique username and password. Once logged in, users can arm / disarm the system, add or remove devices and access codes and view / download management data for the past six months.

Due to the unique 24/7 connection to our remote server, the RAIDERVISION can be used in conjunction with a suitable access control system to lock and unlock the premises remotely. No more Keys, no more codes, NO more problems!


Control units

A single RaiderVision control / siren unit placed centrally to a site allows connection of up to 64 wireless armored RaiderVision camera / detector units over an area of up to 2 Km. Access to the control unit is only required during normal operations if the system battery requires changing. Control system batteries are generally expected to last for 12 – 18 months under normal operations


RaiderVision camera/detection units

Armored RaiderVision camera / detector units provide highly reliable external detection with extremely low rates of false activations due to inbuilt animal and bad weather immunity. When detectors are triggered, IR illumination and video capture is powered up and activated within 300 milli-seconds, ensuring that whatever triggered the detector is caught on camera. The video is then transmitted to our servers and ARC within seconds.


In addition to video upon activation, the RaiderVision system includes a Guard-Tour feature allowing operators to request video at any time from one or all cameras linked to an individual system.

Communications - World SIM

Uniquely the RAIDERVISION GPRS communicator has been designed to use a World SIM card. A World SIM is used as these SIM cards can select which network to send its signals through. This is done automatically every time a signal needs to be transmitted. Other systems on the market use a Single Network SIM, which is no good if the local cell tower goes down, or Roaming SIMs. Roaming SIMs look for the cheapest available network. Unfortunately they cannot tell if the network is overloaded and that can prevent the signal being received.

Our World SIMs automatically check available networks and tests them to see which is providing the fastest and most reliable transmission and then uses that network. This GUARANTEES that your signal gets through.

Key-pad. Doubles up as the engineer walk test unit

The RAIDERVISION security system has been designed to operate with or without a local keypad. The keypad allows the use of up to 64 individual codes, or if users prefer, iButtons, however, most construction sites prefer to use the auto-timer function for arm and disarm events.


Whilst a keypad is not strictly required for day to day operation, the unit also functions as the engineer walk-test unit, allowing the engineer to walk the site after installation and check signal strengths of each remote camera or component. This function can also be completed on a standard smart phone with an internet connection


Tamper protection

In line with the SSAIB code of practice for Enhanced Temporary Alarm Systems, the RAIDERVISION includes full anti-tamper and orientation detection within the control system, keypad and all RF devices.

Event Log

The RAIDERVISION alarm system has a time and date stamped event log that can be accessed on site by an engineer as well as a duplicate log held on our secure Portal, accessible by password by both installation companies as well as their customers anywhere in the World via any Internet connected device.

Remote Configuration & Control

Once installed the system is fully remotely configurable, allowing devices, codes and iButtons to be added or removed at will. Not only can the system be remotely Armed and Disarmed on demand, additional interfaced devices such as locks, lighting and CCTV can be also be controlled via the system. 

Real-Time Web Portal & Alarm Triggered Notifications from Real People at a Certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

The RAIDERVISION comes with a pre-installed dedicated SIM card giving customers their own unique access to our online Portal, to which any number of systems can report. Real time information including Arming, Disarming, Alarm and the unique electronic key code is also displayed.

RAIDERVISION can report to your own control room if you are a security company free of charge, however, most people take up the full ARC monitoring, which is additional to the cost of the systems. So no more missed texts or robot voices, just one to one contact with a real person insuring critical messages get to the right people at the right time and all with the traceability that a dedicated ARC offers.

Of course users can also be notified of alarm activations, arm and disarm events etc. etc. by email and or text message if they wish.



Compound Security's RaiderVision system has several industry leading features that ensure that the unit is both highly reliable and convenient to use.

  • Armored construction designed for construction sites
  • Visually verified alarm events
  • World SIM Operation (Network chosen automatically based on network signal performance at the time of transmission)
  • Remote real time ARM/DISARM via online secure server.
  • Constant 24/7 Bi-directional 2G & 3G connection to remote secure sever 
  • Meets and exceeds SSAIB 'Enhanced TAS' standards * NSI Code of Parctice for scaffolding security)
  • Police SBD (Secured by Design) approved
  • Range 1Km + (Open field in all directions) utilising inbuilt aerial
  • Operating frequency 434MHz offering enhanced building fabric penetration
  • Separate keyad and control unit. Allows control unit to be placed centrally.
  • Fully Monitored by your own control room or a national accredited ARC 
  • Bold Gemini compatible
  • 1 year+ battery life
  • Control system tamper & orientation protection
  • RF device tamper & orientation protection
  • On board and remote secured event log
  • Keypad doubles as engineers 'walk test' unit.
  • Multiple outputs for switching auxiliary equipment (i.e. CCTV)
  • Real time online Control and configuration via secure online Portal. Access it from any internet connected device
  • Remote 24/7 arming and disarming on demand
  • Automatic daily timed arm/disarm function
  • Connect up to 64 wireless devices from our detector range.
  • Multiple keypads for multiple entrances / exits using a single control system
  • Up to 64 access codes, iButtons or combination of both per system
RDAS+ Wireless Security Alarm System. SSAIB & NSI Compliant Enquire for pricing
Bold Communications All of our GPRS security systems are now compatible with Bold Communications Gemini monitoring systems.
SSAIB The RDAS+ Meets the SSAIB CoP Enhanced standard for Temporary Alarms used to protect vacant properties.
The RDAS+ Meets the SSAIB CoP Enhanced standard for scaffolding security
NSI RDAS+ Meets NSI CoP NCP115 Enhanced standard for scaffolding security