Remote Control
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Remote Control

£99.00 (£118.80 inc. VAT)

The Professional in-line remote control can be used with Compound Security Systems’ Mosquito up to 100m range

  • Confidently enable your Mosquito Security Device at a Safe Distance from undesired persons
  • Enable your Mosquito Security Device where Accessibility to the Device is an issue
  • 100 Metre Range
  • Can be wired inline with the Mosquito™ Security Devices
  • 3 additional key fobs can be added to the system


Why do I need the Wireless Remote Control?

The Professional in-line remote control can be used with Compound Security Systems’ Mosquito security devices. The Mosquito devices are mains powered out of the box which is not always ideal for some installations where plug sockets cannot be reached.

Connecting a wireless inline remote control into your Mosquito device allows you or your business the flexibility and convenience of being able to turn the device on and off remotely via a key fob (similar to that which you would lock/unlock a vehicle with).

As our wireless remote control operates at a 100m range, this gives you great flexibility to enable/disable the device at a moments notice from considerable distance. Some of our customers have reported that switching the Mosquito device on and off isn’t always easy due to either the proximity of the device and switch to undesired persons or to inaccessibility. The wireless remote control solves both of these issues.

Convenience of a Wireless Remote Control

With our Mosquito devices we have aimed to solve common security issues experienced by our customers. Historically one of the main issues reported back is awkwardness of having to switch a device on/off at its power source which can sometimes be time consuming or frustrating if you have already left your premises and forgotten to enable the system.

As our remote control is wireless, you are able to switch your premises security on or off at the press of a button.

Additional Key Fobs Available

You can add an additional 3 key fobs the unit for extra convenience. That way, each of those in charge of your premises’ security can share this wireless benefit without the need to share a single key fob, which again is often inconvenient.


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