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Monitor power supply from anywhere in the world

Mobeye CM 2100 GSM Power Failure Alarm

Mobeye power failure alarm. Reporting power outages via telephone call and SMS message


INCLUDES SECURITY ROAMING SIM card with 40 free message credits + Optional connection to Mobeye online control portal



Is the continuity of power supply important to you? The Mobeye PowerGuard power failure alarm reports power outages and power restoration via telephone call and SMS message. The Mobeye PowerGuard also has two additional inputs that can be used to monitor additional equipment if required.

Key Features Include

SMS and call alerts to up to 5 mobile numbers

Power failure alerts

Power restore alerts

12v DC

Supplied with Security SIM card with 20 free message credits

Optional online control portal access at 8 Euros per month

Typical Applications Include

Server rooms

Holiday homes

Temperature controlled environments

Remote locations

Mobeye PowerGuard CM2100

CM2100 Mobeye PowerGuard: a complete GSM power failure detector in compact sizeThe Mobeye PowerGuard is strong in simplicity and functionality. This GSM messenger sends an alert in case of power failure by telephone call and SMS text message.A ma

Mobeye PowerGuard CM2100


Mobeye CR123 Batteries
  • Mobeye CR123 Batteries
  • Lithium 3.0V CR123 batteries. Brand: Varta.
  • From £4.73

By connecting devices or external sensors the Mobeye Powerguard can monitor much more, like the operation of automatic machinery or sensors.

The power supply monitor is ready for use and easy to install. Alarm signals are sent via the internal GSM module. Install a SIM card using any mobile network (Avoid the '3' network) and it will call up to 5 programmed telephone numbers and send text messages.

By only plugging the power failure alarm into an AC outlet, the power supply is monitored. Alternatively the power supply monitor can wired in to a 12VDC power supply. Sensors or devices can be connected to the NO/NC inputs. After an activation the power failure alarm sends an SMS alert followed by a phone call to up to five phone numbers. Several settings can be programmed easily, like alarm delays on the power failure, alarm delays for the inputs, user defined alarm texts etc.


2 (NO or NC)

User interface
Switch button
1x status LED

80x60x40 mm

(Alarm) messages
SMS / call at power failure
SMS at power restoration
SMS / call at activating an input
SMS at low batteries
SMS test messages (“keep alive”)

Status reports and settings report at request via SMS text messages

PIN code security for configuration

Configuration via SMS text message:
Telephone numbers(max. 5)
Identification and alarm texts
Power failure delay time
Input as NO or NC
Input delay times
Frequency of test messages

Power supply
12VDC (net adaptor included)
Batteries: 2x CR123 Lithium (included)

Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 850/1900 Mhz

External Downloads

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye online control portal datasheet

Mobeye online control portal datasheet