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Turn any existing security system in to a GSM / SMS messaging security system

Mobeye CM2000 Guard Alarm

Mobeye Guard Alarm GSM Dialler for Existing Alarm Systems

INCLUDES SECURITY ROAMING SIM card with 20 free message credits + Optional connection to Mobeye online control portal


The Mobeye CM Guard GSM auto-dialer has two main applications –

  • Alarm system monitoring. Connect to your home or office alarm system to the GSM auto –dialer and receive text message alerts and voice call confirmation messages when your alarm system activates.
  • Mains power monitoring. Monitor the mains power in locations where power failure can be a problem. Examples include –


At home while away on holiday
. If the power fails, you will have no nominal heating, freezers can defrost and alarm systems may stop working.

Holiday homes. No mains means no heating or security.

Heated animal sheds

Greenhouses with automated lighting / temperature control systems

The Mobeye CM Guard SMS dialer is designed and manufactured in Holland. It is of professional quality and is supplied with everything you need with the exception of a SIM card.


Mobeye 12v DC power Supply UK
  • Mobeye 12v DC power Supply UK
  • Mobeye 12v DC power supply
  • From £14.50
Mobeye Float Sensor
  • Mobeye Float Sensor
  • Mobeye Float Sensor for Mobeye products with NO/NC contact
  • From £46.80
Mobeye CR123 Batteries
  • Mobeye CR123 Batteries
  • Lithium 3.0V CR123 batteries. Brand: Varta.
  • From £4.73
Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
  • Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
  • Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
  • From £14.46

2 (NO or NC)

User interface
Switch button
1x status LEDs


(Alarm) messages
SMS or SMS+ call at activating an input
SMS at power failure
SMS at power restoration
SMS at low batteries
SMS test messages (“keep alive”)

Status reports and settings report at request via SMS text messages

PIN code security for configuration

Configuration via SMS text message:
Telephone numbers (max. 5)
Identification and alarm texts
Power failure delay time
Input as NO or NC
Input delay times
Frequency of test messages

Power supply
2 x CR123 Lithium (included) or
12VDC (net adapter) + 2 xCR123

Battery life-time
> 1 year at normal use (battery operated)
> 2 years at normal use (ext. power supply)

Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 850/1900 MHz

Using the Mobeye CM Guard GSM auto-dialer

The Mobeye GSM auto-dialer can connect to most domestic and commercial security systems via one of that systems ‘outputs’. You will need to refer to your systems user manual for information on how to do this.

Once the auto-dialer is connected to your alarm system, the Mobeye can be programmed to send an SMS text message followed by a voice call to up to 5 mobile numbers.

The Mobeye SMS auto-dialer will operate under normal conditions for 1 year on its internal batteries if you do not have a power socket handy. The unit is supplied with a 12v power supply also. Running the unit via the power supply will provide you with 12 months battery backup if the power fails. In addition, the Mobeye GSM auto-dialer will notify you if the mains power fails., a handy feature if you have temperature sensitive items in the building.

The Mobeye CM Guard can also be used purely as a mains power monitor. Simply install a SIM card and plug in to a mains socket. When the Mobeye senses that the mains supply has stopped, the unit will send a text message followed by a voice confirmation call. The unit will also notify you when the power is reconnected.

External Downloads

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye online control portal datasheet

Mobeye online control portal datasheet