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Mobeye Thermoguard Twinlog CML2285

Mobeye GSM Thermoguard CML2285 Twinlog Temperature Alarm

The Mobeye Thermoguard Twinlog is a mobile temperature monitoring and reporting unit for logging temperature values and alerting users to temperature issues and allows the monitoring of two locations at once. The Thermoguard will run on internal batteries for a year or can be mains powered via a 12v DC power supply.

When the user defined minimum or maximum temperature limits are exceeded, the Thermoguard Twinlog will send alarm notifications by SMS, Email and call. The measured values are automatically logged in the online control portal for future reference.

With a track record in the monitoring of vaccines and industrial cold chambers, and winner of the ETOP Award 2015,the Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLogs provide reliable and cost-effective temperature monitoring.

Main Features

    • Alarm function when the temperature exceeds or falls below preset values
    • Logging of temperature values
    • LCD display
    • Two temperature sensors possible
    • Battery-operated or external power supply
    • Additional inputs for alarm function (e.g. 'door open alarm')
    • Integrated piezo alarm for alarm indication
    • Open collector output for controlling a siren or light
    • When powered externally, also power failure alarm function
    • Manually or time-based switching.
    • Supplied with Security SIM and 20 free message credits
    • Optinal connection to online control portal for 8 Euros per month
    • IP66 housing


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Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
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Mobeye CR123 Batteries
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Main Features

  • Alarm notification when user-defined minimum and/or maximum temperatures are violated
  • Logging of temperature values
  • Two temperature sensors possible
  • Battery operated or connected to the mains
  • Two NO/NC inputs for additional alarm options, such as a ‘door open’ notification
  • Internal piezo siren for alarm indication.
  • Additional output for activating an external device
  • If powered externally notification of power failure
  • Manual or time-based arming and disarming
  • Power failure alarm function when powered by 12v power supply
  • Supplied with Total security roaming SIM with £10 credit & programmed ready to use.
  • Optional upgrade to Mobeye online control portal.

Typical Applications

Medicine storage


Food Storage


Server Rooms

Livestock sheds



See monitoring tab above for detailed information.

Total roaming security SIM Features

The SIM card designed for Alarm Systems. Other SIM cards are not. 

Very Cost Effective. Average user cost of only £2.00 per month Vs Low cost Giff Gaff or Tesco SIM Card at £5 per month. 

For use with all GSM Alarms & GSM dalliers from any manufacturer.

Roaming SIM! Always uses the strongest network in your location.

The most cost effective SIM card for alarm systems. 

Low credit warnings by text and emails at £2 of credit.  

Easy online top up

Voice call, Text and Data enabled.

Use anywhere in the UK or EU.

Includes £10 of credit + £1.00 of emergency credit.

No contract or monthly top ups required to keep alive. 

SMS to UK: 0.12p per Text Message / SMS to EU: 0.15p per Text Message

UK & EU Voice calls: £0.23 Per Minute

Data: £0.23 per MB / Data Example 1024 kb = 1MB

£0.99 Deducted from credit per month as line rental to keep SIM / Number live and working.

Low credit alert setup for Mobeye alarms


Please read carefully! This is a set up service for the SIM Card supplied with your device and is optional


We can link your mobile and email address to the Total GSM SIM card for you. This will enable you to receive low credit warnings at £2 and £1 by text and email.

Your Total Security SIM card can then easily be topped up online here > Top Up SIM

There are two ways to monitor Mobeye devices

1. Program the Mobeye unit to send SMS alerts and or make calls to multiple mobile numbers. This is the standard configuration when supplied with our regular Total Roaming SIM card


2. By registering with the Mobeye online control portal where you can program your devices, change users, create user groups and record event logs. Alerts can be sent via SMS, Call and Email as well as recorded in the event history. If using multiple devices, this is the ideal way to monitor them all on one screen. This option requires you to purchase the Mobeye Portal SIM seperately. Please contact us for pricing options.


External Downloads

Mobeye Manuals

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye online portal datasheet

Mobeye online portal datasheet
Mobeye GSM Thermoguard CML2285 Twinlog Temperature Alarm
+ £390.00 each