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Monitor temperature from anywhere in the world

Mobeye Thermoguard Battery Powered GSM Temperature Monitoring Alarm

CM2200 Mobeye ThermoGuard remote temperature sensor with GSM alarm.



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The Mobeye ThermoGuard remote temperature sensor is a simple and excellent instrument for remote temperature monitoring and reporting. The module can run on its batteries which makes the compact product work autonomously for over 12 months.

Upper and lower limits for the temperature alerts are easily set. As soon as the ambient temperature moves out-of-range, the GSM dialer within the remote temperature sensor alerts of the recipients whose mobile numbers have been programmed in via SMS text messages and/or a phone call.

Key Features Include

SMS and voice call alerts to up to 5 mobile numbers

Temperature out of range alerts

Temperature restore alerts

Mains power failure alerts (When used with mains power supply)

Mains power restore alerts (When used with mains power supply)

Battery powered (Mains optional)


Typical Applications Include

Server rooms

Cold storage areas

Livestock sheds

Vulnerable people 

Mobeye ThermoGuard CM2200

CM2200 Mobeye ThermoGuard: a compact GSM temperature detector for user-defined temperature rangesThe Mobeye ThermoGuard is a simple and excellent instrument for temperature measurement. The module can run on its batteries which makes the compact pr

Mobeye ThermoGuard CM2200


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The Mobeye ThermoGuard alerts you during freezing or overheating and avoids additional costs caused by burst pipes or over-heating servers etc.

A maximum of five numbers can be programmed in to the Mobeye remote temperature sensor. The temperature range can be set anywhere between -20 to + 70 Celsius.

In addition to the temperature sensor another two external sensors can be connected to the Mobeye; two additional inputs can be set to 'Normally Closed' or 'Normally Open'. In this way any dry contact can be applied.

Although the Mobeye ThermoGuard remote temperature monitoring unit has been designed for an extreme low power consumption and it runs on its batteries for more than a year, an external power supply could be used as well. By using a (regulated 500mA) 12v DC adapter the module can be mains powered. Upon power failure the back-up batteries take over functioning and the system alerts the power outage via an SMS message.

Users provide their own SIM card from any network provider. Compound Security Systems advise the use of a monthly or annual contract SIM card. Pre-paid cards are accepted as well, but the user needs to keep an eye on the SIMs credit level and validity.

Applications include -


Livestock sheds


Server rooms


Total roaming security SIM Features

The SIM card designed for Alarm Systems. Other SIM cards are not. 

Very Cost Effective. Average user cost of only £2.00 per month Vs Low cost Giff Gaff or Tesco SIM Card at £5 per month.  

For use with all GSM Alarms & GSM dalliers from any manufacturer.

Roaming SIM! Always uses the strongest network in your location. 

The most cost effective SIM card for alarm systems. 

Low credit warnings by text and emails at £2 of credit.  

Easy online top up 

Voice call, Text and Data enabled.

Use anywhere in the UK or EU.

Includes £10 of credit + £1.00 of emergency credit.

No contract or monthly top ups required to keep alive. 

SMS to UK: 0.12p per Text Message / SMS to EU: 0.15p per Text Message

UK & EU Voice calls: £0.23 Per Minute

Data: £0.23 per MB / Data Example 1024 kb = 1MB

£0.99 Deducted from credit per month as line rental to keep SIM / Number live and working.

Low credit alert setup for Mobeye alarms

Please read carefully! This is a set up service for the SIM Card supplied with your device and is optional


We can link your mobile and email address to the Total GSM SIM card for you. This will enable you to receive low credit warnings at £2 and £1 by text and email.

Your Total Security SIM card can then easily be topped up online here > Top Up SIM

1 digital temperature sensor
2 (NO or NC)

User interface
Switch button
1x status LED

80x60x40 mm

(Alarm) messages
SMS / call at temperature violation
SMS / call at activating an input
SMS at low batteries
SMS test messages (“keep alive”)
In case of external power:
SMS at power failure
SMS atpower restoration

Status reports and settings report at request via SMS text messages

PIN code security for configuration

Via SMS text message:

Telephone numbers (max. 5)
Minimum temperature
Maximum temperature
Identification and alarm texts
Power failure delay time
Input as NO or NC
Input delay times
Frequency of test messages

Power supply
Batteries: 2x CR123 Lithium (included)
Optional: 12VDC (220V net adapter available, art. nr. 10027)

Battery life time
> 1 year under normal use

Ambient temperature
-10°C ...+50°C

External sensor
-20 °C ... +70°C

Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 850/1900 Mhz

External Downloads

Mobeye manuals

Mobeye manuals