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Mobeye Argos HR

Mobeye Argos Battery Powered Wireless GSM Alarm

The Mobeye GSM stand-alone PIR alarm system is easy to use, flexible and highly reliable. The ideal system for locations without power and temporary security applications.

Based on the extremely popular Mobeye i110 GSM PIR, the Argos adds a host of additional features to give user greater flexibility.

INCLUDES SECURITY ROAMING SIM card with 40 free message credits + Optional online portal access

Key Features Include

SMS text message alerts to up to 5 numbers

Voice call alerts to multiple numbers

Listen-in function

Allows connection of 2 additional detectors

Allows switching of other equipment or machinery when triggered

Temperature monitoring alarm function

Mains power failure alarm function

Supplied with Security SIM card with 40 free message credits

Optional online control portal access at 5 Euros per month


Typical Applications Include



Storage units

Shipping containers



Mobeye Argos GSM Alarm Introduction

Overview of the Mobeye Argos GSM wireless alarmFor more information go to call us on 01685 350418 (+44 1685 350418)

Mobeye Argos GSM Alarm Introduction


Mobeye Argos wired PIR
  • Mobeye Argos wired PIR
  • Wired PIR for use with Mobeye i200 Argos battery powered wireless alarm system.
  • From £73.20
Mobeye Argos Magnetic Contact
  • Mobeye Argos Magnetic Contact
  • For use with Mobeye i200 Argos battery powered wireless alarm system. Secure doors and windows effectively
  • From £42.00
Mobeye Argos Smoke Detector
  • Mobeye Argos Smoke Detector
  • Smoke detector for use with Mobeye i200 Argos battery powered wireless alarm system.
  • From £70.80
Mobeye Float Sensor
  • Mobeye Float Sensor
  • Mobeye Float Sensor for Mobeye products with NO/NC contact
  • From £46.80
Mobeye Extension Cable
  • Mobeye Extension Cable
  • Mobeye Extension Cable
  • From £12.24
Mobeye CR123 Batteries
  • Mobeye CR123 Batteries
  • Lithium 3.0V CR123 batteries. Brand: Varta.
  • From £4.73
Mobeye 12v DC power Supply UK
  • Mobeye 12v DC power Supply UK
  • Mobeye 12v DC power supply
  • From £14.50
Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
  • Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
  • Mobeye 12v DC power Supply EU
  • From £14.46
Mobeye Container Antenna
  • Mobeye Container Antenna
  • Mobeye mushroom antenna 2.5 meters
  • From £40.80

Mobeye Argos GSM PIR


Safe and easy

Place the Mobeye wireless alarm system where monitoring is required and enter the code. You can now leave the property. After a preset time, the movement detector is armed and will detect every movement. If the system is not disarmed within the entrance delay time, the system will call and send SMS alerts to the preset phone numbers.


The system operates completely independently using the integrated movement detector, temperature sensor, GSM dialer and batteries.

The installation for basic operation takes only a few steps.
The Mobeye Argos offers many options, such as a listen-in function, temperature alarm, time-based actions, additional sensors and various alarm inputs. The various alarm sensors can be enabled simultaneously and independently.

GSM alarm system

The Mobeye Argos wireless alarm systemresponds to movement. As soon as an intruder is seen, the system sends an SMS text message and calls the set numbers. Burglars have no chance

Temperature alarm

The Mobeye Argos is also a temperature alarm system. It sends an alarm message as soon as the temperature moves out of your pre-set range.


In the event of an alarm the Mobeye Argos will call and send SMS to the (up to 5) set numbers. As soon as somebody ‘confirms’ the alarm, the system will not notify the others.

Battery powered

The Mobeye Argos is extremely energy efficient and can run for more than a year on a set of batteries. You will receive an SMS text message if these need to be replaced


Upon an alarm you can listen-in to what is happening on site. When hearing sounds or unknown voices, take immediate action like warning the neighbors or calling the police.

Time-based actions

Arm and disarm can be done by entering the personal code. Additionally, various actions can be preset to take place at specific times.

Additional sensors

Additional sensors can be connected to the two inputs, like

a magnetic contact, smoke detector or an additional motion sensor.

Devices can be controlled via the outputs after an alarm, time-based or (using external power) via a mobile phone

The Mobeye Internet Portal

Optionally, the Mobeye Argos wireless alarm systemcan be connected to the web-based portal to forward (alarm) messages to additional numbers and mail accounts. A name can be set to accompany the message. The portal also monitors 'keep-alive' messages.

The various alarms

  • Motion alarm via built-in movement detector (PIR)
  • Alarm after activation of sensors connected to the inputs
  • Temperature alarm via built-in sensor

Response after an alarm

  • SMS and/or call to (max. 5) numbers
  • Listen-in function after motion alarm
  • Confirmation of alarm via phone (DTMF)
  • Option for silent or loud entry delay
  • Option for silent or loud alarm


  • Via keypad or SMS commands
  • Adjustable programming code
  • User-defined recognition and alarm texts
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Test messages with an adjustable interval
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum temperature

Switching on and off

  • Via programming code or personal (arm and disarm) code
  • Adjustable time-based arming and disarming

Reports and overviews

  • Setting and status lists by SMS text message
  • Sensor test to determine the best position
  • Test function to measure the GSM signal strength
  • Jamming detection to be reported after signal returns

When battery operated

  • Fully autonomous operation when battery powered
  • Battery life> 1 year (even in case of a daily report)
  • "Battery low" SMS notification for low battery voltage

When connected to external power supply

  • Arming and disarming by SMS command
  • Controlling the output relays by SMS command or call
  • Power failure notification/power restoration notification
  • Batteries as back-up power supply
  • Battery life time > 2 years
  • "Battery low" SMS notification for low battery voltage

Additional inputs and outputs

  • 2 (NO/NC) inputs for additional sensors
  • 2 relay outputs (max. 2A/30V)
  • Magnetic contact (low power), PIR and water float sensor as accessory

When connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal

  • Forwarding of alarm messages via SMS and e-mail
  • Linking of name/address on the internet, this identification name is included in dispatched messages via the portal
  • Historical (log) data
  • Monitoring of test messages (’keep-alive’), SMS/e-mail reports in case of a missed message

Ideal applications for the Mobeye Argos battery powered wireless security system

  • Caravan parks
  • Individual caravans
  • Vacant property
  • Farm buildings
  • Stables
  • Boats
  • Etc.

  • Dimensions: 90 x 161 x 35 (mm)
  • Power supply: 4 * lithium 3V batteries, optional 9-24 VDC adapter
  • Battery life time: > 1 year
  • Power: < 50 microA
  • Detection range: ca. 8 meter
  • Temperature: -10 until +50 degrees Celsius
  • GSM/GPRS: Quad band EGSM 900/1800 – 850/1900MHz
Connect to Mobeye online control portal for 5 Euros per month. See 'downloads' section for online portal information sheet.

External Downloads

Mobeye Manuals

Mobeye Manuals

Mobeye online control portal datasheet

Mobeye online control portal datasheet