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Testimonials From Our Clients

All the anti-social behavior problems ceased

As a beat officer working in Bournemouth I had to deal with the problem of underage drinking and antisocial behavior that regularly occurred at the rear of a community centre. We installed the mosquito system…

PC Mike May 2093
Beat Officer, Dorset Police, Bournemouth

Fantastic invention

It is excellent news that the mosquito has been a huge success story for the Co-operative Group and is having a significant impact in attacking the problem of crowds gathering around our stores.

Stefan Trbovic
Manager Sunwin Security

Feedback from Premier Security

This feedback was received from Premier Security who are a security company based in Belfast, Ireland, UK.

Pre-Sales Service: 5/5
Post-Sales Service: 4/5
Ease of use of the Product: 5/5

Premier Security

I can’t thank you enough

Dear Si,

I bought the Mosquito from one of your resellers and i have had it fitted now. I can't thank you enough. It has made such a difference to my life.…

Mr. Burnside, Leeds

Idlewells Shopping Centre

Hi Simon,

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know this [Mosquito] seems to have solved our problem – yippee!

Another property manager who works…

Ashdown Phillips Property management

In the two months after the device was introduced the police received just three callouts

A controversial mosquito device is to be introduced to deter trouble-making youngsters gathering near a Preston street.

Police and community leaders are hoping to erect the device, which works by emitting high…

Mandatory condition of a licensing application that a mosquito device be fitted to a shop

Hello, Please note that Sheffield City Council Licensing Board (of which I am a member) have on several occasions made it a mandatory condition of a licensing application that a mosquito device be fitted to…

John Robson
Councillor for Arbourthorne Ward - Sheffield City Council

Midcounties Co-operative Mosquito Trial Results

The results show that the trial has been successful and there has been positive feedback and enthusiasm from the stores. No negative feedback or complaints have been received by either store from members of the…

Kevin Brown
Group General Manager, Midcounties Co-operative

No further vandalism since the units were fitted

Approx £54K over a 12 month period preceding the installation. There have been a couple of further minor incidents of vandalism but not while the units where switched on and operational.


Gordon White
Building Surveyor, Plymouth City Council

Since the unit has been installed we have seen a huge reduction in numbers gathering

Hello I recently bought a unit from I was very unsure about the product and all the press. The staff where very helpful and persuaded me that my initial concerns would be soon forgotten.…

M Patel
Shop Owner

Thank you for producing such a fantastic product!

Just a quick note to thank you for producing such a fantastic product! We installed 4 of your Mozzy devices (The smallest version of the Mosquito range)at a block of flats that we manage as…

Kim Norris
Charter House Property management Ltd

Thank you Simon, you have given us our lives back

Hi Simon

Steve Tayler here from 22 Wheatley road in Leicester. I Bought a couple of Mosquito units off you last year.

Soon after I began using the mosquitoes…

Steve Tayler, Leicester

The impact that it has made is unbelievable

Dear Simon,

Please excuse me for not replying to you earlier but i have not been too good with a chronic pain problem.

We had the mosquito put up…

Kris Perkins
Private home owner

The results have been quite dramatic with youths vacating the area within minutes

We installed our first Mosquito in the Locksheath District Centre which is a shopping centre near Fareham.

They were suffering the usual problems of gatherings of large quantity of youths and the…

Tony Walters
Crime Prevention Officer, Hampshire Police Fareham Division

The success of this initiative has been effective and noted by both this department

For 12 months to date your company has supplied and fitted a number of 'Mosquito Anti Social Behaviour Devices' in the Liverpool South Localities.

The success of this initiative has been effective…

Lawrence Jeffries
Crime Reduction/Architectural Liaison Officer - Merseyside Police

There has been positive feedback and enthusiasm from the stores

These second set of results show that the trial has been successful and there has been positive feedback and enthusiasm from the stores.

Midcounties Co-operative
Loss prevention trials

We have had a positive reaction regarding its use from members of the public

Regarding the Mosquito apparatus that we have recently been using in our area, this is just a note to say that we have been extremely pleased with it.

We have also had…

Sarah Ward
PC 1623, Gloucestershire Constabulary

We now live in peace and quiet, and feel as if our home is our own once more

Thank you so much for your wonderful invention - it has completely changed our lives in under a week. Our house is a corner house that gives directly onto the street, and we were constantly…

Annie Hawes

What an incredible invention. I would highly recommend it

I decided to purchase your Mosquito device because tenants of mine had been hounded by noisy, drunken and malicious youths for many years.

Your device took no more than 15 minutes to…

Jim Hourihan

You can move crowds without getting into a confrontation

Already, the device has helped with youth crowd control at our school system in Columbia, S.C, emergency services manager at Richland School District Two, said that the schools purchased two Mosquitos from RMS Technologies two…

Rick McGee
Service Manager, Richmond School District Two, South Carolina

Youths are not congregating anymore

Evaluation of Trial Mosquito™ sited at CO-OP London Road, Macclesfield.

We were regularly called to the shop in relation to nuisance youths congregating, intimidating members of the public and "persuading" them to…

PCSO 7068 Simon Martindale
Macclesfield Neighbourhood Policing Unit, Cheshire Constabulary