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Wireless Alarm And Security Systems

Compound Security Systems are manufacturers and re-sellers of specialised alarm and security systems. We have a wide range of electronic security systems, offering both professional and consumer wireless security systems which work effectively to protect and secure businesses and homes alike.

Our wireless alarm systems are adaptable to all different building types, and even if you are looking for a short-term security option we accommodate wireless alarm system rental options too.

Wireless Security Systems - Professional

At CSS we design and manufacture a wide range of professional battery powered wireless alarm systems in our UK based facility. These professional wireless security systems are only available to commercial trade customers as they require expert installation to ensure that they offer your business maximum security.

Being battery powered and GPRS communicating, this business range of products is suitable even for the most hostile applications. Just some of our professional security system expertise includes: vacant property security, farm security, construction site security and church roof security, just to name a few.

Wireless Alarm Systems – Consumer

We do not manufacture the consumer range of wireless security systems ourselves. Instead we select the best of such systems on the market manufactured by trustworthy and competent suppliers from around the world.

At CSS we understand how important your homes and possessions are to you. For this reason we only select the best domestic security systems on the market manufactured by trustworthy and competent suppliers from around the world. Whether you are looking for a new or replacement home security system, container alarm, or even a temperature monitoring alarm we have something to help you.

All of our consumer wireless alarm systems are suitable for DIY installation by the user. Some systems have a great deal of functionality, but because we know it can be a little confusing to programme for the first time, we offer ‘Programmed for me’ packages on many of our home alarm systems.

This allows us to programme your wireless alarm system before shipping it to you, so all you have to do is mount your security system components where you need them! Plus, this is all backed up with our aftersales technical support experts being on hand free of charge.

The Mosquito Anti-Loitering device

The Mosquito device is an anti-loitering device that works as the perfect wireless security alarm system if you have problems with teenagers loitering near your property or business.

We invented this security device in 2006 to put a stop to antisocial behaviour once and for all and since its release we have helped police forces, local authorities, chain stores, independent shops and even private individuals worldwide.  

Our Mosquito Device emits a high frequency sound that works to deter teenagers from loitering outside your property. Abiding by international human rights legislation and medical reports we can ensure that it is safe to use without issue.

If you have any questions regarding any of our professional or consumer wireless alarm systems, please feel free to contact us via our online form or call 01685 350418 and one of our security alarm system experts will be more than happy to help.