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VX GSM Stand-alone PIR


The VX GSM wireless security alarm system is the most basic of our wireless security system range. It is designed for people that do not need 3rd party monitoring and are not using multiple systems. It is ideal for people just wanting to secure small areas and are able to respond to alarm activations by receiving a simple text message. If you require a fully monitored version, plesae see the VX GPRS.

Whilst the VX GSM is a very basic system, it is still designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the more advanced VX GPRS systems and is also Police approved and recommended under the Secured by Design Scheme

Key Features Include

No other equipment required

1 year + battery life

RF fob arm / disarm

12m x 90 deg. detection pattern

Dual optic immunity to animals and bad weather

Typical applications include

Storage yards,

Small building sites


Farm gates


VX GSM - Programmed for your package
  • VX GSM - Programmed for your package
  • VX GSM - Programmed for your package
  • From £21.60
VX GSM/GPRS PIR Security Cage
  • VX GSM/GPRS PIR Security Cage
  • Protects against casual knocks
GSM Programming cable
  • GSM Programming cable
  • Programming cable used to program VX GSM stand-alone security system PIRs via PC or laptop
  • From £37.80

VX GSM Stand-alone PIR  Alarm System 

Connect up to 2 wireless slave devices such as motion sensors, flood and smoke detectors

No other equipment required

Wireless RF arm / disarm keyfob

12+ month battery life (under normal operating conditions)

Sends SMS text message alarm activation alerts and daily status messages to up to 10 numbers (selectable)

On-board 7 day automatic timer functions

Mounting height 1 meter

Immune to false activations created by dogs, cats, birds etc. 

VX GSM Slave Detector Range (use up to 2 slave units within 10 meters of main unit)

Internal PIR Sensors :(OPTEX) EX35

External High Stability PIRs: (OPTEX) VX402, HX40, FIT, BX80

Smoke Detectors

Flood Detectors

Door and Window Contacts

Wireless Panic Button 

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VX GSM Wireless Security Alarm System - Programming, Control

The VX GSM system is programmed via a small software program supplied on CD or downloadable from our website in the Programming and Monitoring section. You will need a programming cable for this. Once the software is downloaded and the unit is connect to your pc via the cable, users can very simply program in contact numbers for alert texts & daily status messages etc., along with automatic timer settings for automatic arm / disarm if required

If you require more detectors, the RDAS GSM or even the RDAS GPRS systems allow between 15 – 64 wireless detectors to be connected to the system.

Where VX GSM wireless alarm systems can be used

The VX GSM wireless security alarm system has a range of motion detectors suitable for external as well as internal use. And we only use the worlds best detectors so that you can be sure not to get false activations.

Typical uses include

Storage yards,

Small building sites


Farm gates

Boat yards

Caravan storage yards



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