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Fully autonomous dual optic GPRS communicating external PIR

VX GPRS Fully monitored external battery powered stand-alone PIR

The VX GPRS PIR Alarm System takes the market leading high stability external PIR sensor from the market leader Optex and converts it to a completely standalone security system. Powered from its own internal battery, operated by a built-in electronic key reader and communicating using the GPRS network technology.

A completely autonomous animal immune security system in a market leading Optex PIR. Used by many police forces for deployment externally in the community with excellent results. 

Key Features Include

Police Secured by Design approved

Secure online user portal for configuration etc.

Dual Optic detection (prevents false alarms from animals and weather)

1 year+ battery life

ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) monitoring available

12m x 90 deg. detection

Mounting height 1 - 1.2 meters

Typical Applications Include

Farm gates

Plant storage areas


External compounds


VX & HX GPRS annual data charge (Required when purchasing VX / HX GPRS units)
  • VX & HX GPRS annual data charge (Required when purchasing VX / HX GPRS units)
  • Payable annually in advance
  • From £116.24
EX35 internal PIR for RDAS GPRS & GSM wireless security systems
  • EX35 internal PIR for RDAS GPRS & GSM wireless security systems
  • Excellent for all internal applications
  • From £111.60
VXi External dual optic PIR for RDAS GPRS & GSM wireless security systems
  • VXi External dual optic PIR for RDAS GPRS & GSM wireless security systems
  • Low level mounting 1 - 1.2 meters
  • From £216.00
VX GPRS - Programmed for you package
  • VX GPRS - Programmed for you package
  • VX GPRS - Programmed for you package
  • From £21.60
VX & HX GPRS annual monitoring charge
  • VX & HX GPRS annual monitoring charge
  • Payable annually in advance. Unlimited data
  • From £83.70
Annual ARC monitoring package
  • Annual ARC monitoring package
  • Package allows your security system to be monitored by an accredited ARC
  • From £102.60

VX GPRS Stand-Alone PIR Alarm

Receive Alarm Activation Alerts by Phone Call from a REAL Person, NOT a Machine!

The Wireless VXGPRS PIR Alarm System is a unique battery powered standalone security system that is controlled using high security electronic key-fobs whilst reporting all actions to a dedicated remote secure server. This provides real time customer accessed web based event reporting and activation alerts, not by easily missed texts or automated computer voice, but from trained staff working in a certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Nothing compares to one-to-one contact with trained staff who will not only ensure that the right person has been informed and their details logged but will also offer advice about what to do next.

Monitor the VX GPRS PIR Alarm in Real-Time via our secure Online Portal

As with all our GPRS enabled systems, users are able to monitor the activity of their systems in real time via a unique PIN code on our Portal system. Below is an example of the type of data that is available. All are colour coded for easy recognition of actions.


Use the VX GPRS PIR Alarm Outdoors or Indoors

The VXGPRS PIR is based on the market leading Optex VX402 dual Optic passive infrared detector. The detector is primarily designed for external use (can also be used internally) and offers a very high immunity to false alarms generated by both domestic pets and wildlife as well as false alarms generated by the worst of weather.

The unit is supplied with one RF remote key-fob, however, additional fobs can be purchased seperately. Up to 3 fobs can be wirelessly connected to any one unit at a time.

The VX GPRS Alarm System is Very Easy to Setup and Install

Installation and setup couldn’t be easer following the supplied instructions, detailing how to mount and set up the detector with a coverage pattern of up to 12 meters out by 90 degrees wide.  Simply install the supplied battery, program in your contact numbers and automatic timer functions if required via our secure server and your done!

Full Programming & Device Support Provided by Compound Security Systems' Staff

All the programming of the VXGPRS PIR is completed via our secure server. This means that if you get stuck, we can log on to your system from our offices and put it all right for you.

Slave devices

If the area you wish to protect requires one or two additional detectors or smoke detectors etc., the VX GPRS can also run up to two slave units. The slave units communicate activations to the main unit. As the slaves do not have the expensive GPRS commuications in them, just a secure RF tranmitter, they are substancially cheaper than the master units. See the Components and Accessories tab above for more information on slave units.

If three detectors are still insufficient, then see our RDAS GPRS and RDAS+ systems.

Ideal Environments for the VX GPRS PIR Alarm

Farm & Rural Location Security

The VX GPRS PIR has been designed specifically to be used in areas where power and communication lines are hard to reach. This essentially makes the VX GPRS PIR an ideal farm alarm system that can be located at remote entrances where intrusion detection, theft prevention and even simple presence detection are key concerns. This portable alarm system can be mounted in minutes and is small enough to remain discreet.

External Storage Areas Security

Many organisations such as hospitals and manufacturing companies use outside storage areas for hazardous materials. These are often the target of theft and are also difficult to alarm due to power and communication line access. The wireless VX GPRS PIR is an ideal and highly reliable solution for protecting access points to such areas.

Domestic & Commercial Oil Storage Security

One of the fastest growing areas of crime in the UK is theft of domestic heating oil from storage containers. Due to the variation in design of these oil storage containers, there are very few security products available to alert owners that their oil storage is being tampered with. Due to the dual beam technology incorporated in the VX GPRS PIR, oil storage tanks can be effectively protected from oil tank theft.

Driveway / Entrance Security

If you have a property where it is difficult to see when people are coming up your driveway or path, the VX GPRS PIR makes an ideal driveway alarm. Simply mount at the entrance of the driveway and the unit will notify you every time your driveway is entered, giving you complete peace of mind.

VX GPRS PIR Alarm Features

  • Police approved (Secured by Design)
  • High stability External DUAL OPTIC technology
  • Immunity from activation by small animals (less than 1 meter high)
  • Real-time web based status monitoring with easy to follow colour-coded reports
  • Reports to certified ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) – A real person calls your registered numbers to alert you to an activation.
  • RF Arm/Disarm up to 5 meters
  • Unit can act as master to up to 2 slave devices located within 10 meters
  • 2 year battery life based on 40 messages per month
  • Automatic time & day arming and disarming function
  • Quad band worldwide GPRS communication
  • Programmable entry/exit times
  • Daily status emails
  • DIY installation
  • Adverse weather immunity
  • 12m x 12m detection coverage
VX GPRS Fully monitored external battery powered stand-alone PIR
£560.40 2+ £532.38 each 3+ £504.36 each
Important! The VX & HX GPRS annual data charge is required with this product.
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