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New All-in-one W600 Temporary Alarm control unit unveiled

Here is the first look at the Compound Security Systems' NEW W600 All-in-One battery powered, GPRS communicating, ARC monitored, temporary alarm system control unit with integral battery packs, keypad, high decibel siren and entry / exit PIR contained within a single unit. Just add PIRs and other detectors as required! The W600 RDAS+ temporary alarm system was released in 2012, becoming the first such system to meet the SSAIB code of practice for Vacant Property Alarms (Enhanced standard). 3 years later, it still remains the only system to meet the enhanced standard. Read more

CCTV does NOT deter crime or lead to convictions

A police force is considering plans to stop monitoring live CCTV cameras after a report found there was "little evidence" that they deterred crime. Dyfed Powys Police, which covers more than half of Wales, could have funding reduced to actively monitor security cameras after an independent investigation found their removal "did not result in a significant rise in crime". The report was ordered by the force's police and crime commissioner Christopher Salmon who said he was looking to put "more bobbies on the beat". Read more

We now live in peace and quiet, and feel as if our home is our own once more

The Mosquito device has changed our lives! Read more

I can’t thank you enough for the Mosquito

I bought the Mosquito from one of your resellers and i have had it fitted now. I can't thank you enough. It has made such a difference to my life. Read more

Philadelphia Uses ‘The Mosquito’ To Buzz Away Loitering Teens

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When city-run playgrounds and recreation centers want to put up the ‘keep out’ sign during the off-hours, they are turning to an electronic device known as ‘The Mosquito’ to shoo potential young vandals away. Read more

External Visual Verification using Optex VX402 battery powered external PIR with RaiderVision system

In December 2013 CSS launched the new RaiderVision visually verified VX402 PIR for use with our RDAS+ battery powered wireless security system. See the latest performance stats here. Read more

RaiderVision security system makes it to the finals of the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2014

RaiderVision for which Compound Security have been nominated is an external Dual Optic Optex PIR that has been modified by Compound to provide illumination and visual verification in complete darkness out to 15 meters. The RaiderVision PIR is completely wireless and connects to Compound’s RDAS+ battery powered wireless security system. Read more

PSI Magazine Awards RDAS+ with RaiderVision 9 out of 10 in Independent Testing

The Compound Security RDAS+ is a monitored (via GPRS) wireless, battery powered security system intended for temporary applications such as vacant buildings, construction sites and scaffolding protection. The system has been designed to exceed the requirements of the SSAIB Code of Practice for Enhanced Temporary Alarm Systems (ETAS), 2012. Read more

Government metal theft figures reveal 1 theft every 3 minutes

Latest Government Metal Theft figures reveal  1 metal theft every 3 minutes  First Government report on Metal Theft crime figures 2013 for England & Wales   Read more

Compound Security Systems launch RaiderVision external visually verified Stand-Alone PIR

UK based Compound Security Systems Ltd., the inventors of the Mosquito Anti-loitering Device and market leaders in Battery Powered Wireless Alarm Systems unveil their latest product development today. RaiderVision is the world’s first external visual verification system integrated with a Dual-Optic PIR for use with battery powered wireless alarm systems.  Read more

Sonic youth: The high-pitched sound alarm for under 25s

Is Mosquito, the high-pitched alarm only under-25s can hear, a blessing or a bane? Jamie Merrill sounds it outWhat would you do if the children playing outside the front of your house were behaving badly? What if you blamed them for damaging your car or firing airgun pellets at your dog? Would you go out and remonstrate with them, talk to their parents, call the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, or install a high-pitched alarm that only younglings can hear to scare away the loitering tearaways? Read more

Couple who installed high-pitch ‘mosquito’ alarm to ward off racist teen vandals are now under inves

Scott Smith and his partner Andrea Riley suffered months of abuse from teenage vandals who damaged their cars and attacked their dogCouple installed a 'mosquito alarm' outside their Royton home in ManchesterIt emits a high pitched sound which only people aged under 25 can hear But a neighbour claims her son, 2, has suffered ear problems because of device Couple are now being investigated under noise nuisance laws by the council Read more

Sydney’s State Rail to trial high-pitched devices to get vandals to buzz off

Sydney's STATE Rail is set to trial high-pitched Mosquito devices to drive young people away from graffiti hot spots.The technology emits an irritating high-frequency buzzing noise only people aged 13 to 24 can hear and is used by police forces and councils around the world in areas where teenagers are known to cause trouble.It is understood State Rail plans to test the devices in known trouble spots for graffiti such as rail depots and subway tunnels, where vandals cause millions of dollars damage each year. Read more

Securing Wombledon Airfield

Securing Wombledon Airfield And only a battery powered wireless system will do!  How do you secure an airfield in rural Yorkshire when the buildings to be secured are up to a kilometer apart? Where some buildings have no power and only one has a telephone line?  Read more

Protecting Churches and Heritage Buildings from Theft & Vandalism

The crumbling economy in the UK has caused an increase in the theft of lead and other expensive materials from church roofs and other heritage buildings across the UK over the last few years. Read more