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AXTRF Active Beam (Pair) for RDAS GSM/GPRS wireless security systems

AXTFR Active beam (Pair) for RDAS GSM & GPRS wireless security systems

The Optex AX200TFR Active Beam system is a step up in security from PIR's (Passive Infra-red detectors)

NOTE: Only to be used with the following Compound Security Systems products:

Rather than detecting the presence of objects such as people and animals that give off infra-red light (heat) and triggering an alarm, the Optex AX200TFR active beam system utilises two beams of infra-red light that need to be broken simultaneously in order to trigger an alert.

What is the Advantage of Active Beam Technology over PIRs?

The advantage of the active beam technology is that the object does not need to be giving off any heat, it simply needs to break the beams in order to trigger an alarm.

How is the Optex AX200TFR Active Beam System Set Up?

The AX200TFR system requires 2 units (one set) per area - one to send the infra-red beam and the other to return the beam. This does make the active beam systems more expensive than using regular passive detectors, however, in certain situations, this higher and more advanced level of security may be beneficial.

In comparison to passive detectors, active beam detectors are more complex to set up as the units need to be carefully aligned to one another.

Will the AX200TFR Active Beam System be Triggered by Animals?

As with all the external detectors that we supply, these units are dual beam and therefore immune to small animals.

The AX200TFR has a 3 – 5 year onboard battery pack so no cabling or power is required and built-in RF transmitter that will connect directly to the Compound Security RDAS and RLAS systems.

Examples of Suitable Applications for the AX200TFR Active Beam Detectors

  • Drive ways
  • Windows / entrance ways on domestic or commercial properties
  • Storage yards

Other AX200TFR Active Beam Features

  • Easy battery replacement
  • Triple tamper functions
  • Low battery output and LED indication
  • Intermittent output function
  • Compatible with numerous wireless transmitters
  • Battery saving timer function for wireless transmitters
AXTFR Active beam (Pair) for RDAS GSM & GPRS wireless security systems Enquire for pricing
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